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iPhone 6S Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Earlier this fall both Apple and Samsung unveiled their flagship smartphones. Thanks to large sizes and next-level capabilities both of these devices can be called phablets – by combining the best features from mobile phones and tablets both iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can compete for the attention from all device buyers. Today we’ll try to answer the question: which gadget will reign supreme, iPhone 6S Plus or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus?

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What’s new?

This year’s iPhone 6S Plus visually looks exactly like its predecessor, iPhone 6 Plus. However, the two phones are similar only in appearance. With a faster processor, 3D Touch, better Touch ID and a ton of new features, iPhone 6S Plus is guaranteed to achieve massive success.


Samsung’s new flagship phablet boasts a 5.7-inch curved display, more RAM than we could ever hope for, and an 8-core processor. Additionally, the S6 Edge Plus has the ability to record 4K videos, and is equipped with an accelerometer and a light sensor, as well as a fingertip reader.



Clearly, design is a category that largely depends on the tastes of the buyers. However, we can still compare the two rivals.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus is a fine example of Apple’s famous aesthetic. The all-metal look, available in four colours, is equipped with a thicker screen glass, which ensures more protection. Apple’s visual style is well-known to anyone who has ever come across an Apple device, and iPhone 6S Plus continues this tradition. So, if you’re a fan of Apple’s visual features, the 6S Plus would be your top choice.


Samsung S6 Edge Plus has a larger display and a more powerful battery, while being slightly shorter and slightly lighter than its competitor. The curved display is an interesting visual feature, but first reviews say it’s not as much useful as visually arresting. Due to lack of edges around the screen, it’s best not to drop your phone anywhere, otherwise the screen can crack, and you’ll have to pay a lot to replace it. The curvy display can be somewhat uncomfortable to hold, and the back of the phone will be soon covered in greasy fingerprints.


Winner: iPhone 6S Plus


Since both iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung S6 Edge Plus are their companies’ flagship smartphones of 2015, they employ the best technologies from each company.

Apple’s new A9 and M9 processors are believed to be more powerful than ever before; however, the 1GB RAM is a slightly underwhelming number, considering there are Android devices with 2 and 4 GB RAM. This might be due to iOS 9, which requires less resources than Android phones.


Samsung upped the power ante for its S6 Edge Plus. Now it features the latest 8-core processor that offers tons of power, accompanied by 4GB of RAM for smooth and effortless multitasking. The processor also helps to improve energy efficiency. It’s safe to say that both of the phablets are designed to excel in any challenge, although Samsung proves to be slightly more powerful.


Winner: Samsung S6 Egde Plus

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Pricing for smartphones is never easy to talk about, since it depends on a number of different factors.

We can’t talk about prices without mentioning the storage. iPhone’s minimum storage is 16GB, with 64 and 128GB options being available as well. In the US the cheapest iPhone 6S Plus can be bought for $750. The price in Nigeria is not known yet, but stay tuned for our updates on this topic.


Samsung S6 Edge Plus comes with 32 and 64GB of storage, which means that Apple’s top offer has twice as much capacity as Samsung’s top offer. The price is not that different: currently the S6 Edge Plus retails for $780. It’s not clear who the winner is in this comparison, since some users value memory over price, while others prefer it the other way around.


Winner: Tie


There are hundreds of high-end Android smartphones currently available on the market, while there are only two new Apple smartphones released this year. If you love Android, you can’t go wrong with Samsung S6 Edge Plus, even though you can also choose any other benchmark Android smartphone. In case you’re a fan of iOS and love everything Apple does, iPhone 6S Plus should be your top choice.


In general, both of the phones offer plenty of design, features and innovations, which makes them worth every penny you’ll pay for them. But in the end, the choice still depends on your personal tastes. If you’re ready to upgrade your smartphone, you will be equally happy with iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung S6 Edge Plus.

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