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In this small house architect has created everything for a comfortable life

American architect Chris Heininge projects a tiny house, masterfully inscribing into them all that is needed for a comfortable life. As a result, he obtained not only comfortable, but also stylish space. Hard to believe, but in cozy houses Chris Heininge an area of only 18 square meters has a living room, kitchen, comfortable bedroom and bathroom with Jacuzzi.



Tinny house

Chris spent 20 years in Japan and Japanese art was filled with rational use of living space, because they accustomed to living in very small houses. He wanted to transfer the experience to other countries.


living room in tiny house

In a stylish living room with large windows with beautiful views. Minimalist Japanese style can accommodate a large number of things compact and harmonious. Incidentally, the sofa converts, and thus can receive visitors.


small kitchen

It is reasonable to use the space under the stairs: here instead of a sink, a small refrigerator, oven, cupboards, kitchen table with a TV and even an electric fireplace. Under the stairs – finished drawers for storage.



In the kitchen, plenty shelves and cabinets for all necessary. The entrance door in Japanese style transmits a lot of light.


stairs with camin

Simple forms give the interior a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. The house does not look cluttered.


bathroom in tiny house

Near the kitchen – a bathroom with a shower and a full bath-tub (it goes into the wall niche on the right).


shower in tiny house

In contrast bath – sink with spacious, stylish cabinets. In place of a large closet, according to the architect, if you wish, you can set the washing machine. According to Japanese custom in the bathroom a lot of wood, which makes it warm and cozy.


Bad in tiny house

The second floor has a comfortable bedroom, which has a large bed and storage systems.


Tiny House

House can be transported: the roof and part of the walls he can be easily disassembled, and the remainder is placed in a large truck trailer.


Tiny House

When you look at this tiny “hut” from the outside, I can not believe what’s inside – stylish one-bedroom apartment with all amenities.


Stock 1 floor Ground floor plan.


stock 2 floorSecond floor plan.

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