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How To Save Wet iPhone Or iPad: 5 Easy Steps

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Dropped it in the toilet or on the beach? Spilled a glass of water? It slipped from your back pocket right into the sink when you were just about to do laundry? Options are many and it’s impossible to keep an eye on your iPhone or iPad 24/7.

So, if your device has taken a diving lesson without your permission, don’t panic.

Click Page 2 to see these 5 supereasy steps that have to be taken immediately after the dive to save your cash and nerves.

Step #1.

Take your “i” device out from water as soon as possible. While it may sound quite aparent, you may be distracted from your rescue mission by a  door bell, child cry, or other circumstances.

The faster you remove your device from water, the higher the chance to bring it back to life.

Step #2.

Grab a towel or cloth and wipe your device thoroughly. You may want to steer clear from paper towels as tiny paper particles may travel from the towel and be granted stay permit in your device for good blocking it from proper functioning.

To speed up the process, hair dryer may seem like a good idea but in our experience it doesn’t work. Air stream from the hair dryer may push water further away and into the very inside of iPhone or iPad damaging its electronics. Go for regular towels and cloth instead.

Step #3.

Take out SIM cards, memory cards, batteries or any other removable elements from your iPhone or iPad. Cases and protectors should also be put aside as they are usually made of fabric (unless silicone) that instantly absorbs and keeps moisture for long hours.

Step #4.

Place your smartphone or tablet in a bag with uncooked rice or silica gel bags and leave overnight. This will help suck out excessive moisture much faster. Wrapping it in a towel will also help but will take more time and can be less reliable as rice has better absorbing properties. Also, thanks to its small particles, rice sneaks into places which can be left overlooked by towels.

Step #5.

Remove from the bag with rice or silica gel and insert the missing parts such as SIM card, memory card, etc. Turn it on and check functions that you usually use: incoming and outcoming calls, texting, watching videos. Speakers, microphone, and camera are especially sensitive to water so you may want to give them extra attention.

If your device works properly, remember to backup data that’s important to you to make yourself safe from its loss. If the screen remains idle no matter how often you clicked the on/off button, it’s high time to call a service center to entrust your device into expert hands.

Stay safe with JiJi!

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