Get Smarter in 10 Easy Steps

As we grow up, every day is a chance to learn something new. However, as we get older, we care less about our own development and more about everyday troubles and commitments. But adult life with its complications and responsibilities doesn’t mean that we no longer can use every second to our advantage. With these 10 easy steps you’ll see how easy it is to get smarter without spending too much time and effort on personal development.

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1. Communicate

Humans are destined to live in a society, which means we can’t go through life without communication; but who you’re communicating with is the most important quality of your social life. By surrounding yourself with interesting people that you can learn something from you’ll be able to expand your mind and disclose new ways to think about things. Your circle of friends and acquaintances should be your opportunity to stimulate your mind.


2. Get out of your comfort zone

We’re often scaring of trying new things and doing something we’re not really used to. However, by overcoming that fear you can unlock new opportunities and discover new horizons. You’ll never know if you’ll like a new job or a new hobby until you try it. Don’t hesitate to leave your comfort zone and delve into something you’ve never experienced before, and you’ll notice how fulfilling and mentally stimulating your life can really be.


3. Play games

urlThis may sound surprising to you, but playing various games is much more educating than watching TV or movies. It doesn’t matter if you play traditional table games or use apps on your Android smartphone or iPhone – the result is a constant exercise for your brain. The harder you work to advance in the game, the more your brain is working, and the smarter you become. If you don’t know what to play next, check out our list of 10 insanely addictive Android games.

4. Eat healthy

black-woman-cookingYou may think that food is not as important for mental development as other components, but think about it: schoolchildren are always getting a good breakfast and lunch so that they can learn faster and better. Use this trick to get more intelligent every day: make it a rule to have a substantial, healthy breakfast before going to work or study. Maximize your energy level and you’ll see how much more essential knowledge you can acquire.

5. Exercise

Not everyone has the time or ability to do sports every day; however, a 20-30 minute workout at home is just as effective to keep your body healthy and improve your mental abilities. The more physical challenges you ace, the more mental power you receive. Movement is the key element to our physical health, but it’s also a way to achieve new heights in your intellectual development.

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6. Seek new knowledge

We live in a wonderful time: only 50 years ago people had to dig out bits of interesting information with the help of books, newspapers and friends. Nowadays we can access any information in the world using just our mobile phone or tablet PC. Use this opportunity to learn as much as you can in one day. Read news, find out about new technologies, study science, watch educational movies or seek podcasts relevant to your interests – there is so much you can learn from the Internet, it would be criminal not to utilize this opportunity.


7. Share new knowledge

We’ve already talked about ways to get new information; but what about ways of sharing it? Knowledge doesn’t have much power when you’re the only one who can access to it. Add some deeper meaning to your knowledge by sharing it with people you care about. And it’s not just your friends and family – with the help of the Internet you can have exciting discussions with people all over the world. That way you can not only share your knowledge, but also learn something new every day.


8. Apply new knowledge

Learning new information is pointless if you don’t have a way to use your knowledge. Compare it with asking somebody for a piece of advice: if you don’t follow the advice, it means you’ve wasted both yours and your advisor’s time. That is why, when you learn something new, don’t hesitate to apply that knowledge to real life. Practice everything you learn, and soon you’ll feel so mentally strong, you’ll be able to give advices of your own.


9. Ask questions and look for answers

Have you ever noticed how curious children are? They are interested in a million things at the same time, and they always ask a lot of questions. As adults, we gradually lose this curiosity. But if you want to get smarter, you need to get that curiosity back. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you find anything worthy of your attention. Curious people never get bored, so if you’re always interested in something, you will always find something to work on or think about even when there’s nothing else to do.


10. Take some rest

Your mind can’t be busy 24/7; you’ll become exhausted and won’t be able to achieve anything. This is why you need to give your brain a regular rest. Get a good night’s sleep, take breaks during work, and spend some time before sleep by simply letting your mind relax. A good strategy is to learn to meditate, but even if you don’t want to do it, spend 10 minutes not thinking about stresses and responsibilities, and just enjoying life and remembering the good things that happened during the day.


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