Fast & Furious: 5 Best Choppers In The World

Most outsiders think that any motorcycle that is not a sportbike, “classic” or “crossover” is a chopper. But this meaning is much wider. If you try to define chopper – it is a road bike with a changed angle of fork or a frame created from scratch and often with elongated fork.



Choppers` history of development is ascending of deliberate absurdities and even madness, which made them the most radical type of motorcycles customizing.


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For all fans of choppers we have chosen five unique, authentic models of this type of motorcycles.

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Harley Davidson V Rod Muscle

Harley Davidson V Rod Muscle 4

An impressive maximum power, high torque from the “bottom” – this is the dose of adrenaline that you need! Its creators drew inspiration in the racing heritage of the legendary brand, in superbikes design. Unlike canonic Harleys, cylinder block of this V-twin engine with flare angle of 60° and modern liquid cooling will explode the streets of your city.

Harley Davidson V Rod Muscle 1

Harley Davidson V Rod Muscle 3

The chopper has American Muscle style. Even legendary Americans probably wouldn`t cope with this moto masterpiece, so they enlisted the support of Germans from Porsche. Aryan potential allowed creating light and powerful engine.

There are 1250 cubes and 119 horsepower under air filter body. The sound of exhaust pipe is not characteristic and doesn`t resemble American “Po-ta-to”.

Harley Davidson V Rod Muscle 5

Harley Davidson V Rod Muscle 2

Even in protracted turns, with strong winds and on wet asphalt, V-Rod Muscle is stable, as if the Germans from Porche hid the gyro into the engine.

Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle Review & Testride

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Yamaha Raider S

Yamaha Raider S 2

Chopper 2014 Yamaha Raider S is the brainchild of best designers. Model literally immerse in chrome: chromium-plated beams, air box lid, headlamp housing, etc. Raider S is packed with custom details: forceful rear chassis, elongated forks, low seat.

Yamaha Raider S 4

Raider S not only looks good but also promises incredible impressions.

Yamaha Raider S 6

Yamaha Raider S 1


  • chopper has excellent performance – maximum torque falls at 2500 rpm and maximum power – at 4500 rpm, providing an exciting acceleration;
  • four-valve cylinder heads deliver optimal breathing efficiency of an engine, providing high power at all engine speeds. Two spark plugs per cylinder are responsible for faster and more complete combustion for maximum power output;
  • large size valves increase the power and the torque of an engine even more;
  • high-tech aluminum frame reduces the weight, and at the same time provides strength and rigidity. The frame not only provides excellent handling characteristics, but also complements the look of motorcycle with beautiful flowing lines;
  • brilliant LED tail lights not only consume less energy, but are also more durable than conventional design lamps.

Yamaha Raider S 5


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Big Bear Devil’s advocate

Big Bear Devil’s advocate 3

Devil’s Advocate 2009 has refined appearance and quality components. Reinforced frame provides “advocate” with excellent stability. The model is available in several colors: gross black, satin black, charcoal metallic, black cherry, candy red, firecracker red, electric blue.

Big Bear Devil’s advocate 1

Big Bear Devil’s advocate 2

Big Bear Devil’s advocate 4

The motorcycle is equipped with a V-shaped 4-stroke twin engine. Engine displacement – 1638.81 cc. Maximum torque – 149.16 Nm. The engine starts by electric starter.

Big Bear Devil’s advocate 6

Devil’s Advocate, has 6-speed gearbox and chain drive. The front and rear wheels fitted with disc brakes. Front suspension – BBC Smooth Mount Hidden Axle. Rear part has progressive suspension.

Big Bear Devil’s advocate 7

First road test of the new Big Bear Chopper

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HONDA Steed 400

Honda bikes have always stood out among other motorcycles.

Honda steed 1

Steed is a true legend, it is a reliable chopper with seductive forms. And most importantly, it is affordable, and thanks to all of the above, it has got a mega-popularity in Japan and in the world.

Honda steed 5

Honda steed 2

The true “steed lovers” experience an irresistible craving for tuning, so it is unlikely that you will find two identical Steeds. There are even four factory modifications of the model:

  • VLX – standard modification;
  • VLS – very “fancy”, favorite modification of “harsh” bikers: chrome-plated “springer” took place of the telescopic fork, , front wheel diameter increased from 19 to 21 inches, saddle height reduced to 650 mm (VLX models of the same year have the saddle located at 670 mm above the ground), changed shape of the tank;
  • VSE is the only model with a rear wheel solid disk;
  • VCL.

Honda steed 4

Honda steed 3

But the general characteristics of the Steed family are almost invariable within 20 years (Steed “was born” in 1988):

  • V-twin liquid cooled;
  • chain drive;
  • «clever» rear suspension a la Softail.

Honda steed 6

The engine is one of the main advantages of the model. Motor NC25E with three-valved cylinder heads was installed in chassis of Roadster Honda Bros Product II. Engine is reinforced to 6 HP, “working range” became 1000 rpm lower.


hqdefault (1)

Honda Steed 400

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Yamaha Stryker

Yamaha Stryker 5

Yamaha Stryker 3

This bike is created not only for a ride, but also for admiration! Its distinguishing features is the characteristic chopper style and maximal attention to details. A great middle class chopper!

Yamaha style and performance create unique dizzy mood. Just one ride and you will feel that too.

Yamaha Stryker 4

Yamaha Stryker 6

Yamaha Stryker 8

Chopper`s appearance will attract hundreds of enthusiastic glances. And performance of an engine and the sound will impress everyone.

Thanks to the V-shaped engine Yamaha Stryker is not only great at turns, but also lands on Earth in the most satisfactory manner.

Yamaha Stryker 7

1303 CC V-twin engine runs on liquid cooling that provides unprecedented, incomparable experience!







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