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Dining Out? TOP-10 Table Manners You Need To Know

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How on Earth  should I place this fork to show I’m done eating? Do I cut or break bread? Is it okay if I keep my smartphone on the table while we eat?

You can certainly figure the dining etiquette from trial and error, right? But if you’d rather create positive impression from the first sight, use the following TOP-10 table manners to feel like home at fancy restaurant.

1. Serving food, replacing utensils, and cleaning up the table is best done by the restaurant staff. Let them take care of you and don’t try to hand the waiter your plate or an empty glass. What’s more, some waiters consider genuine help from customers as an insult.

2. The swallows you and your guest or colleage make while sharing a dinner should be fairly equal. This doesn’t mean you should stare at his/her Adam’s apple all the time. Instead, try to stick to the same number of items ordered.

Unless you are on medication, sipping your decaf and eating fruit salad while a person opposite you enjoys a full course dinner is slightly uncomfortable.

3. They say, if you want to make two people happy – applaud. We don’t necessarily recommend clapping your hands, but thanking your waiter verbally or with a nod will definitely add points to your image.

4. Just about to sneeze? Well, try to control your nose spasms until you reach bathroom. Even though napkins are expected to be within reach at any decent eating place, they are there to help you remove bread crumbs and excessive mayo from the corners of your mouth and not solve your personal hygience issues.

5. Other than napkins, restaurants may use tissues as a must while setting your table. If so, place a tissue on your lap before eating or leave it on your seat when you need to use bathroom.

6. Expecting a call? Place your smartphone in the pocket and make sure it vibrates on silent. You surely can take it out and share your vacation pictures with the rest but remember to put it back in the pocket after you are done. Similar rule works for your keys and purses.

7. If you are the host, let your guests order first. This will make them feel special and taken care of.

8. When you would like your waiter to come up to your table, raise your right hand with your point finger up. Or simply nod your waiter from distance.

9. In love with freshly baked bread? If so, use your hands instead of forks and knives to break your croissant. When served with butter, instead of spreading it over an entire piece of bread,  add it on small piece at a time.

10. Keep forgetting how to place your cutlery when you are done eating? This simple picture below will help you remember what’s right and what’s not.

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