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AD Fun: 13 Amazing Cannes Lions Commercials

Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for more than half a century collects the most interesting advertising ideas. Here is everything that is somehow associated with marketing activities and adored by people.

We have made a compilation of the funniest and unique commercials – their creators definitely deserve their rewards!

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Canal +, “Unicorns”


A commercial made by BETC agency.

You can tell me until morning that unicorns are fictional characters and they do not exist, but we all really want to believe that this is not truth! In the commercial for French TV channel Canal + (the first private channel with subscription fee in France), created by advertising agency BETC Paris, we, by the example of successful pickup learn a new story about unicorns, – more precisely, about the causes of their extinction.

Matthijs Van Heijningen, director, screenwriter and producer, decided to turn to biblical explanation and described the story of the Deluge and Noah in the promotional video. “Two of every kind” -unfortunately, Noah`s conception hadn`t touched the noble animals – unicorns.

John West – red salmon, “Bear”

John West

Animals and kicking in the balls are very popular scenarios for comical ads. Add to this great quality and you get a British ad for canned salmon. Directed by Leo Burnett.

Why not break the idyllic picture of a peaceful fishing of brown bears with your sudden appearance – at least in order to take their fresh-caught fish. Even if you will have to kick bear in the balls – red salmon by John West is clearly worth it!

Canal + Never underestimate the power of a great story, “the closet”


And again Matthijs van Heijningen. This time he created his masterpiece for Canal Plus and BETC Euro RSCG advertising agency.

Your wife isn`t cheating on you with everyone – she does it only with those guys, who have gone through fire and water! And in a strange way appeared in your wife`s bed … However, you will believe in this story – because it is a story told by screenwriter of famous French TV-channel!

Land Rover Non-genuine Animals: Lion


Maybe your Land Rover will look normal with forged parts, but it will behave very unpredictably -believe me, you won`t be glad about that!

“The disruptive combination of mixing visuals with contrasting sounds, makes for a series of highly memorable films, that stand out against other popular online content, which is a key in today’s market otherwise as a brand, you don’t stand a chance”, comments Graham Lang, Chief Creative Officer of Y&R Africa.

The moral of the fable is simple: buy only original spare parts for your Land Rover.

Also, there are the same commercials with a crocodile and an eagle.



AXE Astronaut Valentine’s Day


This is one of the commercials of Unilever “Axe Astronaut Valentines Day” advertising campaign.

There is a series of commercials promoting new perfume with an astronaut. Ordinary kitchen, ordinary girl, ordinary holiday – and unordinary astronaut. All seasoned with classical music and epic melody, inserted at the right moment. Simple, funny and Axe-level!

“An astronaut can do anything he wants. An astronaut never has to find a perfect gift!”


Doritos, “Goat 4 sale”


Doritos made everyone believe that even a goat can be Doritos-addicted.

Super funny ad created by users. A goat`s name is Moose and it belongs to creator`s friend. Moreover, this commercial is Doritos fans` choice.


MasterCard Commercial, Blowjob


Oh, you, Mastercard! Another commercial for advertising campaign “There’s smth money can’t buy. For everything else there is Mastercard”. And what is it that money can`t buy? Love, friendship, understanding, respect and… simple blowjob!

Of course, the commercial hadn`t been shown on TV, but it is very popular on the Internet.

Written and directed by Scott Quigley in 2001.

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“Wodka” Vodka Commercial


A real lady is a real lady in marriage as well: even if she cheats on you while you are at work – she does it exclusively for the sake of her family! New look at sexual relations of BDSM type by Chris Sanders (TM Chris Sanders, 2011).

BANNED Adam and Eve, the gay version


Sexy, nude Eva is an ideal find for many temptations lurking in paradise booths. If not for the fact that around her are only finches, horses, giraffes, sheep and … gay Adam with narcissus inclinations. Version of Paradise story by Centraal Beheer.

Tuborg Commercial – Hallucination


Originally created in Denmark in 1994, this TV Ad for Tuborg Beer clearly shows how nice it is to have Tuborg – and how bad it is not to have it.

Emma, Le Trefle “paper has a great future”

Toilet paper

The head of the family, the main character, a follower of scientific progress during the whole video pokes his conservative wife a tablet in her face with reproachable “Emma”. Untill this smart guy and “paperless progress” claimer is out of paper in the toilet. Here’s how bad it is to show off your intelligence!

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2013 – Little Girl vs Dog

Girl Dog

In a shortest term the commercial has got millions of views on Youtube.

The essence is that little dogs have a disgusting habit to steal. In this case it is a chubby tiny Chihuahua, jerking on the back seat of the car at a little girl. The dog irritates the girl much with its behavior. But when there is a last piece of Doritos left – doggy loses this war. Little girl wins!

Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 Commercial ‘Sorry’


Mercedes-Benz can accelerate to hundred for a couple of seconds, has great aerodynamic characteristics and a good capacity… and, most importantly, it can save your life!

Lovely, even poetical commercial about how a new car with excellent technical characteristics can help you trick the death itself. Beautiful play of actors, wonderful music and brilliant idea – a bunch of pleasure!

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