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9 Interesting Ways To Cook Eggs

Until world’s philosophers seek answer what was first – chicken or the egg, JiJi prepared set of the most popular, unusual and interesting ways to cook eggs! Let’s start!

What ways you know to cook eggs? Worldwide omelettes, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs – this product seems to be easy to cook, but look on next recipes!

3 refined France’s dishes

  1. Poached eggs – an old French recipe, it is simple, but requires practice to boil eggs without shell. It is separate dish, but also can be an ingredient of another course.
  2. Orsini eggs – favourite breakfast of Klod Mone. They look amazing and have very delicate taste. It is a little complicated dish, but even coking of it is incredible! Egg white looks like cloud!

IMG_9044_2And yolk – like a little sun!IMG_9054_1




3. Cocotte egg – the egg on a bed of sour cream with the addition of a variety of fillings, or without them, baked in the oven or cocotte ramekin in a water bath. Filling can be any – the most popular cheese, herbs and ham, but in fact the choice is limited only by your imagination – onions, all sorts of greens, tomatoes, beans.

Creepy egg dishes on next page!

3 queer dishes from China

  1. Century egg or pidan, also known as preserved egg, hundred-year egg, thousand-year egg, thousand-year-old egg, and millennium egg.

It looks really scary: bluish-black egg with a sinister greenish yolk and the intricate pattern on the egg “white”, like pine branches. It’s Chinese poetic name: “Songhua” means “flowers of pine.”
The secret lies in the century eggs cooking. Duck or chicken eggs are coated with a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, tea leaves and other “fertilizers”, and then wrapped in rice straw and left for a few months in the baskets. It is believed that the richer went pattern on the egg dark, the better quality of this culinary masterpiece.

2. Maodan or balut

This dish is almost developed duck or chicken embryo, boiled in the shell.

3. Virgin boy eggs or “tong zi dan”

Every spring, a small Chinese town of Dongyang in envelops the smell of urine. In fact, the smell is caused by preparing the local delicacy – virgin boy egg.
Tong zi dan – means “boy’s egg”. Of course, no one denies the boys testicles. Delicatessen virgin boy egg – this is the usual eggs boiled in the urine of a virgin boy during a day.
According to local gourmets, eggs cooked in this way are very delicious and fly away like hot cakes at the price of 1.5 yuan ($ 0.24) per share.

Eggs are first soaked, and then boiled in the urine of virgins. During cooking, the egg shell bursts and falls through the cracks of urine inside. After that egg has for some time left to be done to a turn and soak up “flavor”.

A few hours later the eggs are completely covered with cracks and then you can say they are ready.

Local residents claim that their delicacy has medicinal properties. Traditions virgin boy egg cooking counts a hundreds of years.

On next page you will find 3 ways to cook eggs to impress everybody!

3 interesting ways to cook eggs 

1. Invert eggs

It’s quite simple!



On the left – normal egg, on the right – invert one.

reverse yolk 12

reverse yolk 9

If you will spin it slow, you will get a full-yellow one – “golden egg“.

2. Golden eggs 

3. Marble eggs

This is boiled eggs, but in the end crack the shell and put them into tea or food coloring.




If you will use tea – you will get traditional Chinese recipe of marble eggs.


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