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8 Features Apple Copied From Microsoft And Android

It’s been just a week since Apple announced its new additions to the gadget lineup; most importantly, iPhone 6s and iPad Pro. Although the whole world was looking forward to the presentation and was excited about the brand new Apple products, fans couldn’t help but notice certain similarities between the highly anticipated iPhone 6s and some other famous devices, especially Android and Microsoft smartphones.

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We can’t say that Apple stole those features, but it certainly makes you wonder if the company was inspired by other great gadgets. What is particularly interesting is that the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has repeatedly spoken against the other smartphone brands. Whatever the case is, you’d better not miss these 8 striking similarities between the new iPhone and other famous smartphones.

Live photos

At its 2015 event Apple introduced its own GIF-making feature called Live Photos. In fact, it’s more than just an ordinary GIF – it’s a short animation that is composed of videos, pictures and sound. It sounds like an awesome feature, until you remember that HTC presented the same feature years ago under the name Zoe.


Smart keyboard

This was, perhaps, the most anticipated feature for Apple fans. iPad Pro received a special keyboard that can connect to the tablet and be used as a laptop. It’s an awesome features that really makes lives easier. However, it’s notable that Surface, Microsoft’s most famous tablet, employs the same technology.



Apple was never the brand to take part in the competition for the largest amount of RAM in one smartphone. While other companies tried to surpass one another in this department, Apple continued to produce their usual phones. However, in order to support certain features of the iPhone 6s, Apple was forced to increase the RAM size to 2GB, and they weren’t the first one to do it – many Android users have been enjoying 2GB RAM for years, and even 3GB RAM isn’t new either.


Stylus support

One of the key new features of the new Apple products is the stylus (or, as Apple prefers to call it, “Pencil”) that works with iPad Pro. Of course, the Pencil is not a usual stylus we’re all used to, but it’s a well-known fact that styluses have been used with many advanced tablets, including Galaxy Note and Microsoft Surface.


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“Hey, Siri”

Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, was previously available only after pressing the Home button. With the new iPhone 6s Apple gave users the opportunity to use Siri by simply saying “Hey, Siri” to their phones. It’s a really convenient and hands-free method to use the digital assistant. However, most Android phones boasted this feature for years – we all know the “Ok Google” keyword that works whenever you need.


Dynamic wallpapers

When this feature was first presented at the September 2015 Apple event, viewers were amazed by how beautiful and visually appealing the new Dynamic Wallpapers feature was. Animated wallpapers can liven up any phone screen. Nevertheless, Android users were able to enjoy this feature since a few years ago, when the Live Wallpapers feature became available to every Android user.


Front camera flash

In the age of selfies, when we can’t spend a day without taking at least one photo of ourselves with the help of the front camera, a front flash seemed like an obvious next upgrade, and Apple didn’t disappoint their fans by introducing this innovation during the latest Apple event. But it’s important to know that it’s not a real flash – the screen simply lights up when the photo is taken with the front camera, and this feature has been implemented in many smartphones before iPhone 6s.

Split screen multitasking

How often do you need to have two apps running at the same time? Thanks to the new iPads this feature is becoming a reality for Apple fans. A split screen view will allow you to run two apps simultaneously. It would be a cool new feature if it wasn’t for Samsung Note tablets that offered their users a chance to use the split screens for years.


It’s clear that although Apple is known as the technical pioneer in the world of gadgets, their engineers are definitely inspired by other great devices from Microsoft, Android, and other tech giants. It doesn’t mean that Apple’s new achievements are less exciting, but it’s always good to know the inspiration behind technological advances.

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