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8 Cool Facts About Barack Obama’s “Beast”

As the President of the United States, Barack Obama is entitled to some special benefits that no one else has access to – for example, the presidential aircraft Air Force One. The President’s official state car has been a mandatory feature of any President’s office term. Barack Obama’s car is a combination of Chevrolet Kodiak and a classic Cadillac. Unofficially this car is referred to as “The Beast”, and after you learn these 8 astonishing facts, you’ll know why!

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It is the most heavily armored car in the world

When you’re the President of the US, you should count on a decent level of security and protection, and that’s exactly what Barack Obama got with The Beast. The plating of car is believed to be over 20 cm thick, and the doors of the car weigh more than the doors of a Boeing aircraft. 13-cm windows and bulletproof tires make The Beast truly an invincible car.


The Beast has a twin

For security concerns The Beast always travels together with its identical twin – this way in case of an attack the attackers will be easily distracted. Additionally, the President’s cortege has several more Beast look-alikes in order to secure Obama’s car even better. Overall there are 12 Beasts currently in use by the President’s security service. These cars don’t travel empty – they are used to transport various officials and state guests.


7 passengers can fit into The Beast

Despite its relatively moderate size, The Beast is a fairly spacious car that can comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers. At the minimum The Beast is allowed to carry three passengers: the President himself, the Head Secret Service agent, and the driver in the front seat. The additional row of four seats is available for the times when the President travels with his family or his staff.


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The Beast has its own plane

Yes, you read that right! In addition to Barack Obama’s very own plane, Air Force One, there is also a special aircraft that is used exclusively for transporting the President’s car. A C-17 Globemaster plane is used for transportation of the vehicle to any country the President is currently visiting. The Beast doesn’t travel alone – another limo, accompanied by Chevrolet Suburban, are also airlifted to the destination.


The Beast runs on diesel

In rather surprising news, the Beast turns out to run on diesel instead of petrol. Its Duramax engine is the same engine that is installed into Chevrolet heavy-duty pickup trucks, which allows it to successfully go through any challenge. A very special kind of diesel fuel is used, which is why the fuel is transported by aircraft to every country the President is heading to.


The Beast is fully equipped

We’ve already mentioned the heavy armor that can be found on the President’s car, but that’s not all The Beast has to offer to its passengers. In case of an emergency – for example, an attack – the vehicle’s passengers can access shotguns, grenade launchers, tear gas canisters, firefighting equipment, oxygen tanks, and even a pouch of the President’s blood. Some of this equipment is stored in the trunk, which other units can be accessed directly from the cabin.


Only the most qualified drivers are allowed in

It’s obvious that if you want to be the President’s driver, you need to be as skilful as possible. However, no matter how much experience or skills you have, you cannot work as Barack Obama’s driver until you’ve completed special security training. Moreover, potential presidential drivers complete training from the General Motors engineers in order to be able to navigate the car through unexpected situations.


The Beast is protected against all kinds of attacks

As a true masterpiece in auto industry, Barack Obama’s car is built to sustain any kind of injury. Special tires allow the vehicle to run even on flat wheels. The interior is completely sealed in case of a chemical attack. The exterior is built from a combination of hard and soft materials, which makes it not only bulletproof, but also prone to damage from rocks or other objects thrown at the car.


As you can see, The Beast is clearly a force to be reckoned with. The security measures of the President’s car are unmatched and serve only one purpose: to protect the President, his staff and his family against any threat. We can only hope that someday the same level of security will be available to any car buyer in the world. In the meantime you can download the free JiJi Android app and see the cars that are currently on sale in Nigeria.

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