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7 Reasons You Can’t Sell Your Property

Selling a property is a responsible step that requires a lot of consideration. No matter how good your property is, or how well your ad is written, it doesn’t guarantee that your real estate will sell in a day. People are known for waiting for someone to buy their property for months. Of course, the wait can get in a way of you achieving your goals: for example, if you need to sell the old house in order to buy the new one, without the money from your old house you’ll never be able to obtain new property. However, these 7 mistakes people make while selling property may help you achieve success in this field.

1. Poor condition

Put yourself in your potential buyer’s shoes: how does your property look to an outside observer? Is it obviously in desperate need of a reconstruction? If your house looks like it might use some repair and renovation, the buyer might thing the property is neglected. Buyers often feel skeptical about buying property that doesn’t look appealing. The only way for you to faster sell this property is to do at least some minor renovation, so that the house looks better to the viewers.


2. Bad location

When people are shopping for a new home, everyone is looking for different things. Some search for highly populated areas with well-developed infrastructure: schools, hospitals, and shopping centres. Others are looking for more secluded locations, the ones where no one will bother you. However, most buyers wouldn’t agree to buy property in areas that have a notoriously high crime rate, are located too close to the highways or big plants. Lowering the price or editing the description for your house to emphasize its strong points might help.


3. No real estate agent

Although we hear about real estate scams every day and seem to know a lot about them, still no one is secure against this type of crime. If you decide to sell your property without using the services of a professional real estate agent, be prepared for people to feel suspicious about your listing. When you work with an agent, your identity, as well as the property, can be easily identified. That is why we advise you to hire a real estate agent and entrust him all matters concerning the sale of your property.

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4. Wrong price

It’s a well-known fact that people don’t want to spend too much on a new house, which is why your overpriced property may stay unwanted for a long time until you either lower the price or are lucky enough to meet a buyer that is so in love with the house you’re selling he will agree to any price. Remember that a price that is too low for a nice piece of property also seems suspicious to a lot of buyers. If you want to set a low price to sell the property as quickly as possible, better put an average price in the ad and say that the price is negotiable.


5. Wrong selling strategy

Nowadays there are lots of ways for people to sell not just their property, but virtually anything they want. However, not all of these ways are equally effective. You’ll notice that creating online ads on websites like JiJi is a rather effective way to sell anything, from mobile phones to houses. But a new method of selling can be found for every particular case. For example, if you’re selling expensive, luxurious property worth 9 billion naira, it might be better to advertise it in some print magazine for the rich and famous. If you’re unsure about how to sell your house, consult with a professional real estate agent.

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6. Ads with no pictures in them

Nothing drivers potential buyers away more than a real estate ad with no pictures. Buyers may think that your ad is just another scam, since there are no photos. Also an ad with no pictures may lead the buyers to think that the house looks so bad and old that you decided to not even put a picture in the ad. Either way, pictureless ads really lower your chances of selling the property quickly and effortlessly. To maximize your chances take good, colourful and high quality photos of your house from the best angles to highlight its strong points.

7. The house is always closed

Often people are trying to sell houses where no one is living at the moment, which means these houses are always empty. Imagine a buyer who is really interested in your property, but has no way to look at it because there is no one in the house. If you’re too busy to give individual tours around your apartment to buyers, or you want someone else to do it all for you – again, your best option is to hire a skilful real estate agent who will show the house to potential buyers anytime they want without taking your precious time.


We hope you take into account these 7 mistakes property sellers often make and sell your house quickly and successfully. Come back later for more real estate tips!

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