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7 Lifesaving Things For Your First-Aid Kit

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Even if you have been steering the wheels for over a dozen of years, it doesn’t save you from absent-minded drivers.

According to Word Health Organization, Nigeria takes the first place throughout Africa in terms of the highest number of road deaths – almost 34% per 100,000 annually with Lagos evidencing nearly 1,000 traffic fatalities every half a year.

Disturbing images, right? Be fully prepared for car accidents by having a well packed first-aid kit can literally be lifesaving. So, put this article on notice next time you get into your car or pass by a pharmacy.

1.  Latex gloves

Latex gloves are an important player of your first-aid kit protecting you from getting blood infection from people you help or save. If the ambulance hasn’t yet arrived, the first thing you do is putting on gloves.

You never know which blood composition you are going to deal with as oftentimes people don’t even know their blood type.

2. Antiseptic

Small and large wounds need to cleared from dirt that could have gotten under the skin during damage. Therefore, you need to carefully peroxidize the wound even if there are no visible traces of blood.

3. Cotton pads

Apply necessary amount of disinfectant on a cotton pad to remove excessive dirt from skin. Pour some of it on the wound itself to make sure the liquid penetrates under the skin and into the most distant corners.

4. Antiseptic band-aid

When done, apply the band-aid to protect the wound from further infection and speed up the healing process. Make sure you have enough of it as you will need to refresh it every few hours depending on the size and severity of the wound.

5. Pain killers

When the top medical concern is removed – infection – grab a pain killer and give it to the person you help if he/she experiences pain.

Sometimes, the suddent nature of even minor car accidents or the image of blood make people sick. If this is the case, make sure the person gets plenty of fresh air and a candy to increase the level of sugar in his body.

6. Medical face mask

This is totally necessary for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if the person shows no vital signs such as breathing, blinking, pulsing, etc. As with 1, there’s little information about respiratory diseases the person may suffer from especially if you see him/her for the first time.

7. Stomach-related pills

If you plan a few hour bicycle trip this is obviously unnecessary. However, longer travels require you to be prepared diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive problems that can pop up unexpectedly during your trip.

Other than ticking off the highly mentioned things in your first-aid kit, keep in mind these basic tips that can add value to your magic first-aid box:

  • if you buy your first-aid kit as a ready piece rather than picking each item separately, open it in the store and check the content
  • again, if you prefer buying your first-aid kit all at once, go for a waterproof box because there’s no guarantee from liquids
  • make revisions of your first-aid kit on yearly basis to check whether its all items are updated

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