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5 Must-Have Bras For Every Occasion

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Bra is the basis of any wardrobe. Literally and figuratively. Highlighting your shapes and hiding parts that need to be fine-tuned, this magic piece of fabric comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Today, we are going to dicuss 5 basic types of bras for every occasion that will help you feel great and look even better.

1. Sports bra

Doing sports is good for your body as long as you take precautions against traumatizing. This is directly related to your breasts as they tend to require the most restrictive coverage. Sports bra helps keep them in the same position during your 1,5 hour workout or morning run without the risk of getting stretches later on.

Tip: sports bras don’t really go well with clothes other than designed for sports because they tend to minimize your breast.

When to wear: gym, sports activities

2. Push-up bra

If your modest size makes you feel uncomfortable and you would like to spice up your look, push-up bra is exactly what you need. With various feelings from silicon to water, in-built pads lift your breasts as high as you need creating these touch-friendly hills every girl is dreaming about.

Tip: steer clear from fasterning your push-up too tight attempting to add more shape because it may lead to blocking your normal blood flow.

When to wear: date, special occasion, party

3. Lace bra

Lace bra is a push-up’s older sister. In times of no chemical liquids, women used to show off wearing lace underwear to spark imagination in men. Feminine, classy, and thought-provoking. That’ s what makes lace bras so popular among women of all ages.

Tip: wearting lace bra to business meetings or in the office can be wrongly interpreted by your coworkers and business partners so choose your underwear smartly.

When to wear: date, party

4. Balconette or Demi bra

Balconette bra features low-cut shape and is best worn with square necklines. It highlights your breasts by usually being a little lacy and bearing the resemblance of women back in 18th century when square necklines were top fashion.

Tip: avoid balconette bras at work as they can be easily misinterpreted just like lace bras.

When to wear: date, special occasion, party

5. Convertible bra

We call it a transformer bra. Backless, strapless, or plunge, this is actually the most rarely seen bra in women’s wardrobe even though its value can hardly be overestimated. Convertible bra easily adjusts to any piece of attire you are going to wear: one-shoulder shirt, strapless dress, deep V-neckline, etc.

Tip: as it’s totally possible to immediately fall in love with a convertible bra remember to hand wash it once a month.

When to wear: any occasion except for sports activities

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