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6 Car Fixes You Can Do For Free

Everyone knows that buying a car is a responsible financial step, and some people save for years to buy their dream Toyota, Honda, or Land Rover. However, there are other expenses car owners need to be ready for, namely maintenance costs. If you take your car to a professional mechanic for maintenance, it will cost you a considerable amount of money. But don’t worry – with a few skills and the information you’ll find below your car expenses will decrease significantly, because you will be able to do some things for free.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs are required to be replaced every 50,000 km, but to be absolutely sure you need to consult your owner’s manual that you got with your car purchase. Depending on the type of vehicle, its age, and your driving style, you may need to replace the plugs a bit earlier.


Spark plugs are super affordable and can be found in any car parts store. Additionally, new and high quality spark plugs can lower your fuel consumption.

Battery issues

Batteries are one of the vital parts of any vehicle and require a lot of attention. Even if your battery doesn’t show any signs of wear or breakage, make sure to clean the battery from dust every two weeks, and clean the battery terminals with a special fluid. Remember to always wear gloves while working with your battery, as your hands can sustain damage from acid and chemicals.


Additionally, if your car battery has finished its run, you can easily replace it after seeing an online tutorial. Once you learn how to take out and install a new battery, you’ll never forget how to do it.

Brake pads

Brakes are a crucial component of road safety and comfortable ride. However, with time brake pads and other brake components can go bad. If you hear a screeching noise while driving, it’s time to replace the pads. All you need is new brake pads, a couple of tools, and a guide for doing it.


Remember that if you detect more serious problems with your brakes, or want to have them inspected by a professional, don’t hesitate to take your car to a mechanic, because brakes should not be messed with.

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Air filters

Air filter change is one of the easiest car DIYs you can do yourself. Clogged air filters, filled with dust and grease, negatively influence your car’s performance. Luckily for you, air filters can be easily changed in a couple of simple steps. You can do it within an hour on your day off and save a lot of money on professional maintenance.


Oil change

You probably already know that car oil needs to be changed every 8000 km on average. However, you can change the oil whenever you feel it needs to be changed, or when you do some other fix in your car. There are two important rules when changing the oil:

  1. Never do it when the engine is still hot – better wait for several hours.
  2. Never dispose of the used oil simply by throwing it into the trash can.


This is very important: car oil cannot be thrown away. Instead it needs to be taken to the special disposal area. If you don’t know if there is such area near you, better take your car to a mechanic for an oil change – he’ll know what to do and you’ll keep from polluting the atmosphere.

Fuel filter

Another essential car component is a fuel filter that helps clean the fuel from various particles, dust, and anything that can damage the engine once the fuel gets there. Fuel filter change is an easy task that doesn’t require too much of your time.


Of course, interfering with your car’s gas line can be a little terrifying the first time you change the filter, but after you know how to do it, it won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

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With our list of simple DIY car repairs you can save some money and spend it on something that matters to you. Do you know any other DIY fixes? We’d love to hear about them from you!

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