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5 Tips For Perfecting Your Parking Skills

Parking a car may seem like an insignificant skill, but being able to successfully and quickly park your car is quite an accomplishment. Learning to drive safely is a relatively easy task compared to mastering the art of parking. When you park your vehicle, it’s important to not just make sure that your car is parked safely, but also that it doesn’t prevent other cars in the parking lot from moving out or around. If parking still intimidates you, after all the years of driving, check out our 5 helpful tips.

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1. Choose the best parking spot

How often do we come to our destination to see that all parking spots close to the entrance have been taken? But then we see one tiny free parking spot and try to fit in there, no matter how many scratches and dents our car may get. This strategy is totally wrong!


When you try to park your car in a space that is too narrow or short, you risk damaging your car, as well as the cars parked nearby. If you arrive at a destination where all spots near the entrance are taken, don’t try to fit in and instead park your car a bit farther. This way you’ll get a more spacious spot and will be able to park your vehicle comfortably.

2. Estimate your vehicle size

Some people are born with an ability to correctly estimate the size of any vehicle. These people don’t experience a single problem when it comes to parking. They know exactly how wide their car is and which parking spot they can safely take.


The majority of people, however, don’t have this sense. They can perfect their parking skills in two ways: either by knowing exactly how wide their car is and measuring the width of the parking space, or by having years and years of practice driving the same car. For instance, SUVs are believed to be the largest vehicles on the road, but some station wagons are even bigger, which is why, if you own a wagon, you may not fit into the same parking spot as an SUV.

3. Practice makes perfect

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but nothing will give you better parking skills than constant practice. Of course, practicing your parking skills during rush hours is not a good way to go about it. Instead we recommend practicing in the early morning of the weekends. While everyone else is catching up on their sleep or doing chores, you can use this time to work on your parking style.


Next Saturday morning drive to the parking lot. Choose a parking space that looks the hardest to park your car. Take your car to the spot. Step out of the car and see if the car is parked correctly. Repeat a few times. Come back next week, and the week after that. As soon as you can park in any spot, even the tightest or most distant area, you know that you’ve become the master of parking.

4. Use technology to your advantage

Automobile technology is getting more advanced with each day. Nowadays we have dozens of devices and methods helping us with parking. The most popular helpers are motion sensors and rear view cameras. If you’re not sure your parking skills are good enough, you can rely on technology until you become better.


Another thing you can use to perfect your parking skills is to play special video games that are essentially parking simulators. By engaging you in a game, these pieces of software teach you to park your vehicle safely even in the most unexpected situations. Learn the art of parking with pleasure!

5. Use your side mirrors

This method of working on your parking skills is available for anyone, even people who don’t have access to the most advanced technology. Every vehicle is equipped with side mirrors, and that’s exactly what you can use to work on your skills. Reverse parking gets pretty easy when you pay attention to your side mirrors. Just try it the next time you try to park in a narrow space. Move or tilt your mirrors, if needed, and you’ll become a parking pro in no time!


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