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5 Must-Have Home Security Gadgets

Security is one of the basic needs for any citizen. We spend years building our fortune, buying and decorating our own house, and doing everything to ensure a comfortable and safe life for our family. However, all these efforts may turn out to be fruitless if we fall victim to home burglars. This problem has been bothering Nigerians for many decades, and there is still no universal solution for this issue. All you can do is protect your own house with the help of several useful devices.

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Security camera

Closed circuit television cameras are a rather costly way to secure your house, but their effectiveness is proven by years of service both in private homes and financial institutions. These surveillance cameras allow you to monitor activity inside your home 24/7. You can either watch the cameras with a live feed, or look through videos taken throughout the day once you get home.


Many cameras let you get access to the video using your smartphone or tablet, as well as your usual computer. Another benefit of security cameras is their ability to intimidate the burglar: as soon as the burglar notices the cameras, he understands that he is about to get caught, and no one wants that to happen.

Carbon monoxide detector

The importance of having a carbon monoxide detector in every house in Nigeria is understandable when you learn that an average of 80% of electricity generated in the country comes from generators. With the number of carbon monoxide-related deaths growing every year, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from gas poisoning.


A carbon monoxide detector does exactly what it says in the name: it detects even the slightest presence of carbon monoxide and triggers an alarm in case the gas is detected. If you have a carbon monoxide alarm going off in your home, make sure to leave the premises as soon as possible.

Burglar alarm

A burglar alarm is a must-have device for any Nigerian family, especially if you or your family members often leave the house unattended. This alarm is essentially an electric circuit located in the doorway. When someone intrudes your home, the circuit closes and the alarm goes off, signaling a break-in.


This device is especially useful against smart burglars who can spend weeks or even months monitoring your house and detecting the times when no one is home. The stolen properties can result in huge losses for your family budget, so if you want to maintain the integrity of your home, better invest in a burglar alarm.

Distress alarm

Unlike burglar alarms, distress alarms are activated with the help of a button, rather than an automatic closing of an electric circuit. With the help of a distress alarm you can call the police or other services in case of a home intrusion or some other emergency.


When you’re at home and detect an intrusion, find a way to press a button, and that’s it – then you just wait for the law enforcement to arrive and rescue you out of your situation.

Fake security camera

We understand that some of the most effective security devices can be quite pricey, which is why we’d like to offer you an alternative – a fake camera. It looks exactly like a genuine security camera, with one significant difference: it doesn’t actually record anything. A fake camera serves a purely psychological purpose: to let the potential burglar know the house is being watched. This way you can still ensure a certain level of security in your home without spending a fortune on security devices.


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