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5 Ideas For Business You Would Never Thought Of #4

We continue telling you about interesting business ideas from all around the world. Perhaps some of these ideas will provoke your own brilliant idea, or maybe it would be interesting for you to know how people make their money!


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Smart shower that saves water

The average American consumes around 17 liters of water for each showering. Also, showering is the third largest for consumption of water in the house, after washing machines and toilets!

Eva site

Californian businessmen found ingenious solution, creating Eva Drop Smart Shower and running Indiegogo online campaign to find project financing. Shower device can intelligently monitor water consumption reducing it by half using special sensors!

Eva 1

Tomorrow, the device will be able to replace all existing showers. In addition, Eva does not require replacement of shower mixer and works with most standard attachments. Moreover, Eva is able to monitor and adjust the temperature of the water and blocks the flow of water, while you are doing other things.

Eva 3Eva 4

Eva 5

Eva 6

Eva even tracks at what stage you are showering! For example, if you want to wash off the soap, Eva will offer to increase the water flow to the maximum, but if you are shaving – it reduces it to a reasonable level.

Finally, you can connect Eva to your smartphone – and using a special app track the statistics of water consumption!

Eva 2

Here is what the device offers:

  • temperature sensor;
  • proximity sensor;
  • water meter;
  • intelligent timer;
  • water flow control;
  • battery;
  • universal mount;
  • touch control.

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Case that turns smartphones into Polaroid

In 2008 Polaroid ceased production of film and closed the factory because of a low profitability. But nostalgia is not a joke, and today the group of Dutch scientists-initiators already uses the legendary brand equipment to breathe life into the realm of instant photography.

Prynt 1

As a result, in France appeared an innovative case for phones «Prynt» that allows you to print any digital image within a minute. The case easily connects via Bluetooth to iPhone 6 or Android phone with 4,7 inches screen. The device works on the principle of heating the paper with ink filler. Printing the photo takes only 50 seconds! But the developers did not stop on that and plan to improve device:

  • reduce printing time to 30 seconds due to Lightning dock connector;
  • case cover can accommodate up to 30 sheets of photo paper.

Prynt 5

Prynt 4

Prynt 2

Prynt app is based on progressive elements: when you set camera on print photo, it seems to become alive and turns into a recorded video, almost like in Snapchat, but more real and moveable.


Prynt 6

Prynt plans to put this innovative case on sale in the coming months. Its presumable price is 99 dollars.


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Tent with solar panels for charging gadgets

Britain is second to none! Bang Bang Tents Company developed a camping-tent equipped with its own outlet running on solar energy.

Tents 7

Tents 3

Now you can travel with your electronic devices with high-level comfort – whether it’s a meadow, or a lawn, don`t say goodbye to favorite devices, which you are so accustomed to!

Tents 5

Tents 2

Tents 1

Each tent is equipped with hidden pocket, designed specifically for the 5-volt solar panel and lithium battery block that stores and accumulates solar energy. Connect your smartphone, tablet, camera, speakers or any other device to the pocket – and you are in sweet embrace of civilization again!

Tents 4

Tents 6

The device offers trickle charger. This is enough to survive until the next recharge at home. Each tent weighs 5 pounds, easily accommodates 4 people and is sold in 6 attractive options.

This fun costs 189 pounds.


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Paper flexible electronic designer module

Printoo 1

Any electronic device consists of small modules, and each of these modules has its function. That’s why the sets that combine these modules – as, for example, Circuit Stickers, are so popular among those who don’t know how to do it themselves.

Printoo 3

Printoo 4

Printoo 2

Printoo is a unique set of modules on Arduino platform, which can be pasted to any object to enable the last with “smart” features.

Printoo 5

Developed by Ynvisible system includes a variety of blocks, from batteries and wireless connectors to solar energy drives and sensors. Each thin and flexible module attaches to almost any surface. The system is powered from Arduino microcontroller with preinstalled software. Modules can be combined as wished in the process of developing new products or creating makeshift devices.


On the Printoo website you will find an entire library with examples of similar devices. There you can see such things as:

  • Model of a train on hovercraft with solar panels;
  • fan, which is controlled via Bluetooth;
  • poster through which you can implement e-voting and other ideas.

Printoo 7

Printoo 8

All examples have a list of modules that are required for work, and algorithm of their creation.

At the moment Printoo is waiting for crowd funding on Kickstarter. A starter kit with Arduino processor, one battery and two flexible screens costs 45 dollars. The price for more sophisticated packages can go up to $ 550.

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Restaurant at home and mobile application for customers search

Using Cookapp novice chefs will be able to circumvent the law on licensing of public catering points and open a restaurant right in their living rooms!

Cookap 4

All those who seek to show their culinary talents, can now forget about the restrictions.

Future restaurateurs should:

  • create an account – using Facebook – and fill in a special blank;
  • then their house and kitchen should pass a security clearance;
  • after that the hosts can cook a test dinner that will be captured by professional photographers and uploaded into Cookapp database.

Cookapp 1

Cookap 6

Cookapp 5

These measures give insurance that services in makeshift restaurants are safe and of the highest quality. Potential chefs are even estimated for their ability to meet the guests.

It is much easier to become a customer:

  • first you should register – again via Facebook;
  • then you should donate on food (usually 40-60 dollars) to cover the hosts` expenses;
  • after that you can visit “a restaurant”.

Cookapp 2


Cookapp 3

Thanks to careful selection of chefs, in 95% of reviews made by the project co-founder Pedro Rivas, the chefs have 4 stars out of 5.

Due to donations, the application manages to bypass the Health Department of New York that is against selling food out of certified restaurants.

The app originally started in Argentina, and has already become popular in Buenos Aires. This is evidenced by 41 thousand of registered users, who got the app in the first year of service work. Now the application aimed its sights on New York.

[appbox appstore 771313730 simple]


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