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5 Ideas For Business You Would Never Thought Of #3

A genius idea can come to anyone any moment. As well as a genius idea for a successful startup. It is important that at this moment there was a true friend near you, who has an analytical mind, and who would explain softly and in details whether your idea has a right to live! And, of course, you need to have a good job to save some money for a start-up capital!


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However, not all raw ideas seem to be working. Therefore, it is not necessary to brush aside the ideas that seem delusional to you – look at these weird stories about THE WAYS PEOPLE SUCCESSFULLY MAKE MONEY!


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How an elephant… worked at a carwash

In beautiful American Reserve Wildlife Safari live elephants. And they not only live here, but are also happy to work here!

Elephant 2

Elephant 3

Elephant 1

There are no specific costs: guys don`t have special caprices, – just feed them and change sponges... Lately attendance of the reserve started to break all records: visitors come to look at hard-working elephants, who wash the cars. By the way, today elephant-carwash is even more popular than bikini-carwash!

Elephant 6

Elephant 4

Elephant 5

Elephants are still on probation and therefore they work under the supervision of trainers. For 20 bucks, these cool guys are willing to wash your car, and polish it to shine using special soft sponges. Considering the fact that elephants rinse the car with their trunks, and they don`t need to run far away to get water, the process takes a minimum of time.

And efficiency of work of a large animal is higher!


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Crime Scene Cleanup

The phrase “money does not smell” perfectly describes the unique business, which American company “Crime Scene Cleanup” makes.

Crime Scene Cleanup 7

Crime Scene Cleanup 6

Crime Scene Cleanup 8

It may seem a totally delusional idea and cannot become a serious business. But the practice shows the opposite. Taken into consideration that the services were, are and will always be relevant and in some areas taking into account the constant increase of orders, business is rising!

Crime Scene Cleanup 4

Crime Scene Cleanup 1

Among the permanent locations of cleaning service orders are … bandit dens, place of shootings, etc.

The company’s founder has invested in its development about 30 thousand dollars. This includes the cost of equipment for cleaning and advertising company. Revenue last year was a decent amount of approximately four hundred thousand dollars. Such is this “clean dirty” business.

Crime Scene Cleanup 3

Crime Scene Cleanup 2

And another company, engaged in same kind of business (Murder Scene Mop Up, Atlanta) has an annual income of over a million dollars!

Turner, the founder of business, never knows how much an order will cost, until he or his team of 13 employees are finished: “there is a blood on the floor – or it has already trickled under the plinth? And maybe the blood is under the vinyl cover? Or the liquid soaked into the floor and reached the bottom floor?”


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Paying with blood

While major brands pull money out of their customers, Portuguese Shop “The Walking Dead Blood Store” literally “sucks blood out of them”, offering fans to pay for goods with this precious liquid!

WD Blood store 2

Yes, the store takes cash and credit cards, but anyone, under the supervision of a medical professional, can choose to pay with vampire currency.

Of course, this is only a marketing campaign, developed in conjunction with Organization for blood donation IPST and creative agency Torke + CC.

WD Blood store 5

WD Blood store 4

Once the blood has been collected and packaged, donors are given a certain number of points that they can exchange on exclusive products in the spirit of the popular series “The Walking Dead”: cases for smartphones and tablets, t-shirts and even emergency hammers or craw-bars in case of a zombie apocalypse.



WD Blood store 7

WD Blood store 6

WD Blood store 8

It is interesting that collection of blood scheme passes in the form of a competition: the more blood you give, the more points you receive. However, to ensure that customers do not give too much blood, they established strict limits.

WD Blood store 3

Watch this video to cover the full extent of the campaign’s success:


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Stress-relieving business

In the previous part of the post we have already told you about one of the types of anti-stress business – production of special toys. Now we will tell about the others!

Sarah’s Club Smash Shack (San Diego) invites everyone to reduce stress without creating hassle for others, the club proposes to do that with basic traditional smashing of crockery… only in specially designated place!

Sarah 2

Sarah 1

Sarah 3

Listening to favorite dynamic music, customers break dishes on the walls, trying to hit the targets, which are the large photo posters of their aggressors.

Sarah 4

The cost of the service depends on type and quantity of dishes. For example, 3 vases can be broken down for $ 10 and 15 plates – for $ 45.

Another service to relieve emotional tension is offered by Vent By Phon company. The company provides the customer an opportunity to call and have his say on a phone. Vent By Phon telephone service operator doesn`t give any advice and provides no assistance, he is just listening, inserting the occasional “Yes”, “MMMs”.

Vent Phone 1


The cost of a minute of such service is $2.99.


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Beer production waste biofuel

DB Export company (New Zealand) began selling a particular type of fuel at the Gull fuel stations, partially developed from beer production waste. Thanks to the cooperation with Gull Service Stations oil company, biofuel DB Export Brewtroleum is already available at their fuel stations throughout New Zealand.

Brewtroleum 4

Brewtroleum 5

Biofuel produced by distillation of yeast suspension, remaining after the brewing process, and as a result, they receive 95% ethanol. In the final result they get biofuel that is much more ecological than a conventional gasoline. A great reason for the brewery to earn some money, and to promote itself.

Brewtroleum 3

Drivers fill their cars with DB Export Brewtroleum, a biofuel made with the yeast left-over from brewing beer on July 8, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand. DB Export claims to be the first company to make biofuel derived from beer and is now selling the fuel at 60 petrol stations across the North Island.

Brewtroleum 1

“Brewtroleum” commercial:


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