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5 Ideas For Business You Would Never Thought Of #2

Successful business requires investment. You can get an investment presenting an interesting startup to investor – an idea that will surely bring him many customers.

How to make money on your own baldhead? How to make money on your 15 cats? How to use Instagram for earnings? Find the answers here!


You are free to choose – you can find yourself a job you like or a job “to make money”, you can come up with a cool idea and become an owner (or a partner) of successful business!


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Socks with the scent of … coffee!

Atlas socks 2

As we all know, one of the parts of our body that is prone to perspiration is feet. And in closed shoes situation becomes even worse, and the shoes become an excellent hotel for bacteria. Especially if you take every available opportunity to exercise! That`s why there is a constant need to change socks.

Atlas socks 1

But not everybody has an opportunity and time to bring this need to ideal level. And even new shoes can take the “smell” in the most inappropriate moment.

Ministry of Supply knows the way out. They presented coffee scented socks for men. Coffee aroma perfectly kills other scents. And the scent of a coffee is just great!

Innovation – ATLAS socks not only absorb excess moisture, but also neutralize the scent.

Atlas socks 6

Of course, there isn`t real coffee in ATLAS socks. “Coffeeing” technology is a little bit more complicated. First, they make a special coffee mix. Then the fabric is soaked in this mix. One pair of socks requires only about 8 coffee grains. Such economy allows to propose relatively low prices – 28$ for two pairs of socks. It is interesting that ATLAS socks don`t have any scent – coffee aroma disappears during roasting and subsequent grinding. But coffee micro-granules still efficiently eliminate perspiration and unwanted scents.

Atlas socks 5

Atlas socks 3

Atlas socks 4


High profitability of such business is evident.

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Anti-stress toys

The speedy rhythm of today’s life requires that we are dynamic and mobile, otherwise we will be left behind and that can easily lead to unpleasant financial consequences. On the other hand, people, who try to constantly live in this crazy rhythm, inevitably begin to suffer from fatigue, stress and depressed emotional state.

Someone in order to relax and relieve stress goes to the country cottage at the weekend (if there is one, of course) – away from the bustle of the city, others go to the malls with friends, the third ones – to the cinema. And someone choose to relieve daily stress … with anti-stress toys.

For example, a Japanese brand Takara Tomy has put into production a special doll to help children fall asleep. As you know, a child (and sometimes adult as well) immerse himself into sleep much easier, if there is someone, who is already sleeping near him. That is why they created a melody of light breathing for the doll, which creates the effect that someone is sleeping nearby.

Takara Tomy sleeping doll 2

Takara Tomy sleeping doll 3
Takara Tomy sleeping doll 1

Takara Tomy sleeping doll 4

And the Research Institute of Osaka developed a robot “for hugs”. It looks like a pillow in the shape of a human body. There is a microcontroller inside the doll, equipped with vibrating elements. As soon as the owner of the doll receives a call on phone (that should be placed inside of a dolls` pocket), microcontrollers and vibrating elements make sounds of human heart beating. The effect of presence created by doll soothes its owners.

Robot 2

Robot 3

Robot 4

Robot for hugs 1

The following example are small faces made of soft polyurethane by Japanese designer Makiko Yoshida. You can twist them whatever you like, this will remove stress accumulated during the working day. In addition, she produces figures of various representatives of commercial and governmental structures that often annoy the citizens – social workers, police, traffic police, etc.

faces 1

faces 2

faces 3

faces 4

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Making money using Instagram

Instagram mobile app enslaved everyone: from private users to journalists, politicians, movie stars, musicians, etc. Now almost everyone believes that it his duty to capture everything that happens around and to share pictures with subscribers.

We are talking about iOS SnapMyAd – an application which allows users to offer their own photographs for their subsequent use in advertising campaigns. You should make photo of a product and upload it using SnapMyAd. If the snapshot satisfy the requirements of the company, the sender receives money reward or moral satisfaction.

SnapMyAd_Logo_G (1)


Another method of earning on Instagram is printing photos. Digital images have many advantages, but the main drawback is a short life compared to printed images. Printed photos are stored in albums within decades. In addition, made on good camera and printed by rules, printed photos are like paper books compared to e-books.

Insta printing 2

Insta printing 3

Another way to earn on Instagram is printing images on pillows! There is a special service -Stitchtagram. It allows you to order handmade pillows with printed pictures from Instagram. However, in addition to the pillows you can order bags, clutches and purses. If you purchase a special heat transfer press and thermo-film, you can print pictures on fabric yourself. So, you can easily organize a kind of a local Stitchtagram!

pillows 1

pillows 3

pillows 2

pillows 4
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Cat`s cafe

Cats are not customers here, as you may have thought. Café`s customers are ordinary people, who for some reason (for example, a high tax on keeping pets – and in some areas having a cat is not even admitted) need to play with the animals, sipping coffee.

Cats cafe 1

The Japanese are known for their concerned attitude and respect towards the members of the cat family – and this kind of business has become quite popular today. And if you can’t keep an animal in the house – go to the nearest cat cafe in Tokyo.

Cats cafe 2

Such cafe usually have one or two dozen of cats. A visitor comes, orders a cup of coffee or tea and enjoys communicating with tailed darlings. Although, he will have to determine the time of stay in the cafeteria first – an hour of rest in cat’s society usually costs about $ 10. Then visitors are asked to put their clothing and bags to the robe, put slippers on feet, disinfect their hands with a lotion. After that, he can come inside of a cats` kingdom and choose a pet he likes. And the ch?ice is great here – all cats are groomed cuties!!
Cats cafe 4

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Making money on your… baldhead!

How long will you suffer from hair loss – it’s time to earn on it! Especially taking into consideration the fact that there is such opportunity today!

It all started from opening of “HiStyl”, a unique tattoo salon in Birmingham. All customers here are bald! And masters help them in a way to return their hair using tattoo. In other words, they apply a special type of tattoo on the bald part of a head, creating the effect of a very short haircut – still better than nothing!



The idea came into a bald head of Brandon Chikotski – he trades his baldhead as a spot for advertising. Brandon takes big money for this kind of advertising – $ 320 per day ($ 10,000 per month!).


The owner of an “advertising” baldhead has already launched a project called baldlogo.com: the advertiser can order placing his ads on a head of one of three bald entrepreneurs, registered on the site (including Brandon). Subsequently, each of them will be obliged to stay on a crowded street not less than 6 hours per day. The project is very successful, and they plan to involve more bald co-workers.

And British Philip Levine, who grew bold by 30, has found another use of his “problem head” and turned it into a canvas! He places his own and other people`s designer solutions on it.



Over time, this “head” creativity has even established a new trend in art – “headism”. Internet publications began to publish photos with creative works of the author, and Philip was raised with a wave of popularity that carries him throughout the network until now.


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