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5 Effective Struggle Methods Against Insects

Insects are the biggest cohort of living beings. Number of insect species is bigger than number of all other species. Some are beautiful and harmless – such as butterflies and dragonflies, some are useful – honey bees and dung beetles. But the most annoying are mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs and cockroaches.

Insect control become real battlefield. Every year appear many new insecticides. On JiJi you can find the most effective. Here are top 5 of the most popular fumigators.

1.The most effective method to get rid of mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, bedbugs, termites are professional services. They allow to kill all pest in one time, all you need to do after – not to let then in again.

2. To prevent mosquitoes and flies entry to a dwelling use mosquito killer lamps. They frighten off insects by emitting light with certain wavelength. This is the newest and ecological safe method! Moreover, These lamps are totally safe for children, pregnant women as opposed to chemicals!

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3. Ultrasonic & electromagnetic anti-insect repellents are also nonharmful devices for struggle against insect pests. Those repellents imitate ultrasonic signal of insect predators – bats in the case of mosquitoes and other flying insects but it is useless against cockroaches.

4. Traps.
Cheap and almost safe – except cases when you touch the sticky substance. Just wash your hands with soap and keep far from children. Modern traps can lure pests so read instruction before placing traps near the door.
There is a big choice of different traps – for flies, ants, even rats.

5. Chemicals. Sometimes they are effective, but insects, especially cockroaches, can become insensitive to different poisons. Be very careful when use anti-insect sprays – they are toxic for human to. The best choice – natural fumigators. For example, essential oils are antient method to get rid of blood-sucking insect – they are geranium, eucalyptus, vetiver, melissa, lemongrass and tea tree. Against ants – lubricate edges with crude sunflower oil. Boric acid is also efective insecticide, safe for human.

And here is ingenious trap that can keep insects under control – the usual jar.  Place it in a corner of the wall to the cockroaches or ants were able to get into it. At the bottom of the jar put a piece of cloth with the bait: bread dipped in yogurt, sweet crumbs, etc. From inside the top edge of cans lubricated by any fat so as to obtain an oil ring height of 5-10 cm. Cockroaches, fell into the bank, will not be able to climb its slippery walls of the fat.

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