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5 Apps To Stay Focused And Productive

We’ve already mentioned in this article that sometimes we are distracted from important things by external factors.

Well, today JiJi team will help you to fight and win the “procrastination struggle”.

Welcome to productive world with JiJi!


To make you more focused and disciplined, some smart people developed a range of programmes and apps to make you concentrate on what you are doing. Here we go!


This app blocks a list of sites, therefore you can’t visit them until you finish the task. You can choose a period of work, so that nothing will distract you during this time as the programme is too “determined” 🙂

Just leave necessary sites unblocked, and work with pleasure and inspiration!


This app is able to trace all your actions while you spend time in front of the screen. What sites do you visit? How much time are actually wasting? What programmes do you use? Get all the answers with the help of this programme, and stop procrastination!



It’s perfect for sorting different kinds of tasks and fulfilling them! For instance, you can set it in a special way, so when you would like to choose, for instance, an option “Work”, it automatically opens the necessary web-sites and programmes while blocking social networks!

Stop wasting time concept


No, it doesn’t mean that you have to become a close, reserved person 🙂 We just offer you to block social networks not to squander the valuable time on procrastination. And the main feature: it works only for social networks! Therefore, it’s quite convenient.


This one is absolutely unique! Instead of blocking sites, it allows you to visit them from time to time, but no more than speficic time. For instance, you let yourself web-surfing for 1 hour a day. Well, this app will calculate the time, and when you use all of it, you simply can’t visit them more! 🙂


If you feel you’re not enough focused, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything with that. On contrary, you can!

Improve your life with JiJi, especially using JiJi app!

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