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15 fantastic cities built on the rocks

Challenging nature, people tamed the wilderness and were able to build the city, which is impressive for its beauty. They look like the illustrations for fairy tales are fascinating and seem completely unrealistic. Try to visit at least one of them – there are very nice!

Riomaggiore, ItalyRiomaggiore, Italy


Veliko TurnovoVeliko Turnovo, Bulgaria


SantoriniSantorini, Greece


Azenash do MarAzenash do Mar, Portugal


RocamadourRocamadour, France

ManarolaManarola, Italy

RondaRonda, Spain

Wadi DawanWadi Dawan, Yemen



PiodanPiodan, Portugal


PitiglianoPitigliano, Italy


MeteoraMeteora, Greece


Mont Saint-MichelMont Saint-Michel, France


Castellfollit de la rocaCastellfollit de la roca, Spain


La PazLa Paz, Bolivia


VernazzaVernazza, Italy


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