13 Reasons Why Reading Is Cool

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Paper or electronic, hard or soft, thin or thick, the magic word “book” pushes your limits and makes you a better person. As Einstein once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

So, let’s find out why books prevent ageing and offer a better alternative to TV.

1. Reading high-quality literature improves your language. The use of grammatically correct sentences and rich vocabulary contributes to your image in the eyes of others.

2. People who read books will always guide those who watch TV. Unlike TV with its ready-made videos and highly-filtered content, books make your imagination work and boost your brain capacity through comparison and analysis.

3. A book read is always better than a talk show watched. Wonder why? Because there’s absolutely no limit as to how the characters pictured on pages look, act, or behave. You are the one who turns a random set of letters into enlivened images and situations.

4. They say to give your life a totally new meaning you are to read a dozen of good books. But you first have to read thousands to find this magic dozen.

5. Books teach you the skill of empathy. Reading enables you to try on different shoes and experience challanges and feelings you would otherwise overlook.

6. Through literature you discover wisdom. Countless scenarious featuring love, hatred, intrique, morals, turmoil of guilt, and human values encourage you to think how you would respond under similar circumstances.

7. Reading enhances your attention and concentrating abilities. These days we are used to surfing through the web, cooking, or watching TV all at the same time. Books, however, nail us down and embrace us completely. Because sometimes if we miss a sentence there’s no point in reading the entire book.

8. The more you read, the more ideas you generate. The source of new creative ideas that can help your career or personal life to unfold lies inbetween those white and yellowish pieces of wood pulp people call paper.

9. Books help you stay fit. Just like physical activities, reading trains your memory prevening early ageing, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

10. Reading is your best travel agent in time and space. Pre-historic tribes? Surreal space shuttle? Deserted islands with vibrant rituals? Name it, they have it.

11. Authors help you cope with stress. The trick about our brain is that to curb stress you should switch the activities just like you click through slides in PowerPoint file. What else if not a book can handle this task right here right now?

12. Literature plants more topics in your mind. By finding out about other people, times, and places you push the limits of you knowledge attracting more and more people with similar – and at time totally different – interests.

13. Question your opinion and get rid of stereotypes. You can be 15, 35, or 75, but it’s never too late to make this world a better place. Are you afraid of dogs? Do you have biased opinion when it comes to gay love? Read! They say, we are afraid of things that we know not.

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