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12 Must-Have Firefox Add-Ons

As one of the most popular browsers in Nigeria, Firefox has a strong following among the Internet users. We love Firefox for its speed, simplicity, functionality and versatility – you can use Firefox on your Windows computer, MacBook, Android smartphone, and the iPhone version is just about to be released. In case you missed it, check out our list of 12 coolest Firefox tricks.

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The thing users value the most about Firefox is the ability to tune and tweak your browser any way you like with the help of small bits of programming code called add-ons. There are thousands of add-ons available for download, and almost all of them are absolutely free. You can find the add-ons by going to Settings. Let’s get started on our Top 12 list of Firefox add-ons.

12. DownThemAll!

If you often download files with the help of your browser, you know how easy it is to get lost in dozens of downloads going on at the same time. DownThemAll! is the only file manager you need! It’s fast, easy, reliable, and lets you manage your downloads: pause, resume, accelerate, slow down, move up and down the queue, etc.


11. Better Gmail 2

Gmail is a very popular email system with millions of users, but if there is one thing users would like to change about it – it’s the flexibility. There is little you can change when you use Gmail. However, Better Gmail 2 changes that: it lets you customize your email any way you like it: change colours, appearance, tune the sidebar, add signatures to your emails, and lots of other cool opportunities.


10. Video Download Helper

There are many helpful video services on the Internet: to name a few, YouTube and Vimeo. However, there are times when you need to have the video saved on your computer – for example, when you don’t have a connection to the Internet and can’t go to YouTube. Solve this problem by using Video Download Helper – an easy-to-use tool that will store any video you want to your hard drive. Download, convert and use videos the easy way!


9. gTranslate

Google Translate is a must-have website for many Nigerians who speak two and more languages, or communicate with foreigners. Usually you have to go to Google Translate to see the translation, but now there is an easy way to do this. Simply install this add-on, select the text you want to translate, and click the right mouse button. That’s it – all you need to see the translated text is just one click!


8. TinEye

How often do you see a picture and want to know where it came from? This is where TinEye is ready to help you. Essentially it’s a reverse image search – instead of typing your search query and receiving pictures that correspond with your query, you can search the image you already have to find out where it was published for the first time and who created it. You can even know what exactly is in that picture!


7. Evernote Clearly

Evernote is a famous developer of useful and unique apps and add-ons. Clearly is an add-on that helps you transform any page into an easily readable piece of text. This is especially useful for pages that are filled with annoying ads, sidebars, and other things that distract you from reading. You can even set your favourite font and size for any page you view.


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6. Turn Off The Lights

If you frequently watch videos online – for example, on YouTube, Facebook or any other service – you will fall in love with this add-on. It lets you turn your computer screen into a movie theatre screen by darkening everything on the page except for the video. It creates a cool effect where you can feel like you’re watching a movie in a theatre, rather than at your home PC.


5. Silent Tab

There are many websites that automatically start playing music or videos the second you open them in your browser. The problem is that when you open 10 or 20 tabs, it’s very hard to know which tab is responsible for playing the sound. Use Silent Tab to open links in different tabs – this way the page starts loading only after you switch to the tab, and you can immediately stop the video or music from auto playing.


4. Stylish

Do you love using certain websites, but hate the way they look? With Stylish you can tweak any website to look exactly the way you want it to. Customize the look of YouTube, Facebook, Google, and lots of other popular websites. If you want, you can even change the way Firefox looks: add more colours, tweak the buttons, sidebars, and search fields.


3. YouTube MP3

If you love listening to music on YouTube and want to be able to enjoy the music even when you’re offline, get this add-on and you’ll get the opportunity to save any YouTube video as an MP3 file. Converting videos to music has never been easier, and it’s all thanks to just one simple Firefox add-on.


2. LastPass

Privacy is an important component of Internet use, which is why we put a lot of effort into securing our website passwords. LastPass does more than that. Not only does it protect your online security by storing your encrypted passwords, but it also lets you access the passwords from any other device: your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, iPod, etc.


1. Xmarks

Managing your bookmarks can be a rather difficult task that gets much easier after you download the Xmarks Sync add-on for Firefox. It’s the most popular, easy and convenient way to back up your bookmarks and open tabs. The synchronization feature lets you access your bookmarks from anywhere you are and from any of the gadgets you own. Experience a new level of comfortable bookmark use with Xmarks!


As you can see, Firefox has so many noteworthy and useful add-ons that we would need dozens of articles to tell you about our favourites. Do you have any personal picks of Firefox add-ons? Tell us in the comments! In the meantime, you can download our new free JiJi Android app and enjoy a new way of safe online shopping!

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