11 Inside Scoops For Those Who Fly

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Do you have fear of flying? Would you rather hug your pillow and close your eyes instead of looking at all of those fearless passengers who carelessly read their books and watch movies? If so, read the following 11 facts about airplanes and flight attendants that every flyer should know. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

  1. Serving cart weights up to 100 kg. Considering that doors in the cabin weight about 50 kg each, most flight attendants don’t have to gym membership.

2. Black box is neither black nor box. It has round shape and is always painted in bright color for rescue teams to spot it with ease.

3. The highest altitude a plane has every reached was back in 1977 and was almost 38,000 m. The most long-distant flight in history was recorded in 2014 which left behind almost 19,000 km.

4. Some airline companies always serve different type of food to pilots in the cockpit. This is done to ensure that in case of sick stomach of one pilot there is always another one who can take care of the situation.

5. Pilots are not allowed to inform passengers about technical bugs unless the circumstances become irreversible.

6. Some pilots carry guns during flight to protect themselves from illegal intruders and polish their shooting skills at a steady pace.

7. Pilots have very random dietary regimen. Therefore, they can sometimes delay flights to simply have a snack.

8. Two-thirds of a flight endurance is navigated by autopilot. So, if your flight lasts 4 hours, pilots have to make themselves busy during those 2,5 hours while the plane is navigated by a robot. That’s why, whatching movies and reading newspaper is a daily working routine.

9. Flight attendants should be able to deliver medical care, make mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and take delivery.

10. Every half a year flight attendants advance their knowledge and complete hands-on training courses.

11. For nervous flyers it is highly recommended to choose front seats. It is less bumpy and also hides from you the picture of shaking cabin in case of turbulence.

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