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10 Signs You Have The Best Girlfriend Ever

Finding your soulmate is the ultimate life goal for many young people. We all have different experiences in dating, and can date 5, 10 or even more people until we find the right one. But how do you know if your sweetheart is your soulmate? Well, there are several traits that will help you learn if the person you’re with right now is the one for you. Read those signs below, think about your girlfriend, and make the decision!

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1. She shares your tastes

Hold on – we’re not saying you and your girlfriend must like the same things all the time. However, if you want to build a strong and lasting relationship, it’s important to have some common ground with your girlfriend. If you both like the same cars, prefer to watch the same movies or listen to the same music, spend your free time in the same way – it means that you’ve found the one.


2. She lets you do your thing

When you’re in a long-term relationship, you obviously love to spend time together with your girlfriend, and she likes it too. But for a strong couple it’s important that everyone has a bit of personal space. You can be together 24/7, but you can each do your own thing, and no one minds it. If she lets you work, play games or simply relax while you’re together, make sure to appreciate it!


3. She never hides her feelings

A common problem many guys complain about is that their girlfriends never tell them why they’re in a bad mood. They leave you guessing, and you can’t always know the right answer. Any couple may have problems, and your girlfriend can get mad at you sometimes, but the important thing is to share her feelings and frustrations with you. If she’d having a rough time, and lets you know why, do whatever you can to cheer her up.

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4. She loves you the way you are

We all know girls who are looking for wealthy boyfriends and husbands. A good girlfriend will love you for who you are, not what you do. She will stand by you through your ups and downs. Additionally, a great girlfriend will never try to change you, and you shouldn’t try to change her either. That way you two will learn to appreciate each other exactly the way you are.

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5. She’s happy with the way she looks

When you’re in love with a girl, you definitely find everything about her to be amazing, from her personality to her appearance. However, some girls feel insecure about the way they look and constantly try to change their appearance. No matter how much times you tell this girl that she looks perfect, she doesn’t believe you and continues to hate her body. If you feel you’ve done everything possible, and she still hasn’t changed her mind, you’ll have to find the way to make her love herself.


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6. She’s a great listener

Communication is crucial for a good relationship. We’ve already talked about the importance of being open with each other, but the ability to listen to another person is one more sign of a perfect girlfriend. If you can share everything with the girl you love, including your concerns, insecurities, problems at work or with family, and she can both listen to you and offer a great piece of advice, it means you’re with the right person.


7. She’s happy to be around your friends and family

Often couples love to spend time in each other’s company, but don’t get along well with their partner’s family and friends. How does your girlfriend communicate with your loved ones? Does she always accept invitations to your family’s house? Does she never refuse to hang out with you and your friends? If you answered “yes” to these questions, it means you’re probably true soulmates. However, if she always refuses to spend time with your relatives and friends, she might not be the one for you.


8. She’s independent

While being at ease with you, your family and your friends are signs of a good girlfriend, the ability to be on her own is equally important. Having a girlfriend that depends on you every second of her day is a bit tiring – soon you’ll be so exhausted from always being there for her that you won’t feel happy in your relationship anymore. Learn to build some personal boundaries – for example, show her that she can easily function without your help. Little by little you’ll break your girlfriend’s dependence on you and your relationship will get much better.

9. She respects you

There is no way around this rule in a loving relationship – if your girlfriend doesn’t respect you, it’s best for you to just move one. Picture a situation: you’re having a heated argument. Can she take the time from shouting and accusing you to simply listen to your point? If she doesn’t let you speak in situations like this one, never asks you for a piece of advice, or doesn’t value your opinion, take a moment to decide if that’s a relationship you really want to be in.


10. She makes you want to be better

Thousands of men of any age from all around the world will agree on one thing: if your girlfriend makes you want to become a better man, it means you’ve found your soulmate. You may not agree on everything, but if you truly want to change for the better so that your girlfriend is even happier – then we’re really happy for you, because you’ve found your match!

What did you think about this list? We know one thing for sure – if all of these 10 points can be used to describe your sweetheart, maybe it’s time to make her your wife! Check out this collection of wedding rings to find the one your girlfriend will fall in love with!

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