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10 most insane buildings in the world, being built right now

Modern architecture is truly fantastic and is clearly trying to bring the man to the stars. In this article you can see the buildings under construction – a sign that the future is already there, and it will be a grandiose.

Dubai PerlDubai Perl

In the design of the largest shopping mall and the tallest building in the world, someone decided that Dubai should be an iconic building that looks like a regular house. The planned “inner city” will be four towers connected by a bridge of heaven, and premium theater for 1800 seats.

Agora Garden
Agora Garden

In 2016, the construction of the building Agora Garden, which will be a compromise between the creations of mother nature and man. Twisty 20-storey building will be green in every sense: balconies on each floor will maintain the gardens, as well as plans to introduce life-support systems, including solar panels and rainwater recycling.

World OneWorld One117-storey World One skyscraper will be the tallest residential house on the planet and, of course, the tallest building in Mumbai. The 300 luxurious four-room apartments will live the richest people of India. Design Studio has designed rooms Giorgio Armani.

Center for the Study and Research of oil King Abdullah (KARSARC) Center for the Study and Research of oil King Abdullah (KARSARC)Located near all the facilities from this list to the ground, but no less magnificent KARSARC in Saudi Arabia is more like a lair of the villain of the stories about James Bond than a cosmopolitan center. Futuristic design – the brainchild of the cult architect Zaha Hadid, which took the basis of interlocking hexagonal cells.

The Zhongnan center in Suzhou The Zhongnan center in SuzhouOnly recently, China has begun construction of 730-meter center, and he still has a long, a very long way. But if the project pointed worth $ 4.5 billion will be completed on schedule in 2020, it will be the tallest building in China and the third tallest building in the world.

Lotte World TowerLotte World TowerSignificantly higher than all other buildings in Seoul over the horizon soar 556-meter skyscraper Lotte World Tower, when it will be completed in 2016. The building will be located shops, offices, apartments, hotel and observation deck.

Mountain Resort “Davang” Mountain Resort "Davang"

Mountain Resort "Davang"Chinese mountain resort “Davang” will be waiting for you in 2016. Sprawling over 170 meters in length, the resort will include “ice world of entertainment”, an indoor ski center, water park and the Hanging Gardens.

Hotel “Sondzhang”Hotel "Sondzhang"

Hotel "Sondzhang"Obviously, among the rocks and lakes Hotel – next on the list of holiday destinations in China. Like the mountain resort “Davang”, “Sondzhang” will be built directly on the walls of the pit and on its facade will flow waterfall. Well, if you can not enjoy the view from one of the upper floors, go to the bottom – they will be under water.

Towers of CobrasTowers of CobraTowers in the form of two intertwined Cobras solely responsible for the plans appear in Kuwait. Construction was planned to start in 2008, but due to the financial crisis, the project has been “frozen”. One of the most discussed issues of the project – to be built as an elevator, because of the spiral structure of a conventional lift is not set here. For the operation of lift experts suggested the use of technology that will run on compressed air on the principle of pneumatic tube.

The Royal tower The Royal towerThe Royal Tower, exceeding the highest building in the world “Burj Khalifa” is being built in Saudi Arabia and will be the first building in the world, whose height is nearing kilometers. It will house luxury condominiums, office space observatory, the Four Seasons Hotel and the world’s highest terrace. Construction of the skyscraper was officially launched last year, the construction should be completed in 2019.

Shanghai Tower Shanghai TowerConstruction of the 121-story Shanghai Tower in China, started in 1993, was completed earlier this year and now are finishing work. Yet millions of people have already seen the view from the top, thanks to the vertiginous images taken by two Russian daredevils illegally climbed to the top last year.

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