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10 Google Chrome Secrets You Should Know

Google Chrome is one of the browsers and has been around only for a couple of years. However, even in this short period of time Chrome has managed to achieve the level of popularity that has never been achieved before. Nowadays Chrome is the most popular browser in Nigeria, having surpassed even another fan favourite – Mozilla Firefox. What makes Google Chrome great is the opportunity to use it in a number of cool different ways. Browse the Internet like a pro with our 10 Chrome tips and tricks.

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Task manager

google-chrome-task-manager-end-processWhen you open a lot of tabs, it can negatively influence your use of resources. If you want to know which of your tabs consumes the most RAM, go to Menu ? More Tools ? Task manager, and end any process that is consuming too much of your resources. This will declutter your browser and save you some precious memory.

Move numerous tabs at once

This is another useful trick for users who like to open many tabs at the same time. If you want to move all of the open tabs somewhere, for example, to bookmarks or to the beginning of the row, press and hold the Ctrl button and click on the desired tabs one by one. Then you can simply drag the necessary tabs to their new location.


Open closed tabs

Sometimes, when you close several tabs at once, you close the one you didn’t want to close. If that happened to you, you can quickly reopen the closed tabs with just a few clicks. Press Ctrl+Shift+T on your keyboard to open the most recently closed tab. Keep pressing the same combination of keys as many times as you want to get back to the tab you wanted.


Use your Chrome as a calculator

Many users already know that Google can perform even the most complicated calculations on its search page. However, with Google Chrome you can do all of it without even going to Google.com.ng. Simply type the math problem into your Omnibox and the right answer will appear sooner than you expected. For this trick to work your default search engine should be Google, not Bing, Yahoo, or some other engine.


Convert units

urlThis is another feature that was originally designed by Google, but is currently available to Chrome users with the help of the Omnibox. You can use the converter by typing the information onto the Omnibox and getting your answer right away. For example, if you type: “100 km in miles”, you’ll see “100 km= 62.137 miles”.

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Search images

Most of Internet users know about Google Image Search, where you upload an image or a link to it and Google tells you where this image comes from. Chrome did even better and introduced a feature that allows you to simply drag and drop the image to an empty Chrome page, and your browser will do the rest for you. Never have trouble finding the image or its source ever again!


Drag to search

With Google Chrome you can forget about typing your search query into the search bar or copying and pasting the query from the text – now you can just highlight the word or phrase you want to search and drag it directly into the Omnibox. The search across the Internet has never been so easy until Google Chrome arrived.


Delete browser history

gchrome_clear_cacheThere are times when you want to completely delete your search and browser history. Maybe you’re sharing your computer or laptop with your family or co-workers and don’t want everyone to see the websites you visit. Or you’re selling your computer and want it to be completely clean. Whatever the reason, you can delete the whole history by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del and accessing the “Clear browsing data” window.

Create bookmarks on your desktop

We all have a lot of experience with using bookmarks in your Google Chrome – they are a fast and easy way to always have access to your favourite websites or pages you visit most frequently. However, now you can store the most essential bookmarks directly on your desktop. Open the page in Chrome and drag its URL to your desktop. Chrome will create a clickable icon that will let you access the page anytime you want.


Translate anything you want

If you often communicate in languages other than English, or want to improve your foreign language knowledge, you’ll be delighted to know that Google Chrome has a built-in translating feature, which is also available as a Google Translate extension. All it takes to translate any phrase, sentence or text is a couple of clicks. Highlight the text you want to translate and click the Google Translate icon on your browser panel. That’s it – now you can translate any type of text without too much effort!


Have you tried Google Chrome? What do you like about it? What are your own Chrome tips and tricks? We want to hear from you!

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