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Top Best Hobbies That Can Pay You Off

There is no doubt that being an active person and having something to do is a very important thing. It is great when people have hobbies which help them put aside their routine and enjoy the things they like. But what if your hobby could bring you money along with enjoyment? Look at some of the hobbies that can actually pay you off and probably you will pick up one for yourself.

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4CElFsBIA-MIf you are a proven gamer, you could use this ability of yours to make some extra cash. Active gamers can write and share their opinions and expertise about their favorite games. Consider setting up a blog, posting regularly, and monetizing it through banner advertising or Internet advertising. You could also write an eBook sharing your knowledge and then publish and sell it through sites like JiJi.ng. Don’t spare your time to write some valuable advices for successful use of video games.


Who could imagine that such a controversial kind of activity as shopping could be named as your hobby? And who could imagine that it could actually become your source of income? Personal shopping is a great source for extra cash, because clients pay you to do their shopping. Duties could include finding a client that perfect dress for a fancy gala, or simply picking up medicine from the pharmacy or groceries from the supermarket. Print up business cards to hand out every time someone compliments your outfit, or offer your services to busy moms or senior citizens in your neighborhood.


Fitness and Sports

If you are in a good health condition and you look after your body, you could share your experiences with others. That doesn’t mean you should do it for free. On the contrary, you may require some cash in turn of your valuable advices. If you are in a good body shape, you could consider an option of giving some private fitness courses to people who are willing to lose weight and to grow some muscles. The gym memberships tend to be expensive and very often useless. You could be a cheaper alternative. Moreover, why not make some money on things you are keen on and you like to do?


Creating pieces of art

If you are into creating homemade jewelry, candles, clothing, paintings, textiles, or anything decorative, you can set up an Internet store and sell homemade goods. You could use such sites as JiJi.ng to post your items of art which is very convenient and accessible for most of the people nowadays.


To attract more customers it is highly recommended to make some good-quality photos with a good camera and post them together with a small description of the item you are selling.


fOw9D1Kr2ZsMany people are taking lots of photos every day. But only a small percentage of them can do it on a high level. This means taking pictures as though you are to create another piece of art. If you are able to find something unique around you and capture it with your camera, you are a competitive candidate to make some extra money on selling your photos.


geSIg2-wmv0You could also print out some of your best taken photos, put them in frame and sell out on the site like JiJi.ng. There are definitely people who are into modern kinds of art, such as photography, and who would be very glad to have some of unique photos in their collection.

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Music and ability to play any of the musical instruments is a hobby that can easily turn itself into a wothful source of income. Think of the people you know who will engage the services of teachers and tutors for piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, or any of the hundreds of other instruments out there. You could become one of the teachers or tutors that can help both children and adults to master the craft.


One of the advantages of music tutoring is that you don’t have to be a professional player as you are going to teach the beginners. All you will need is to organize a small step-by-step program of your classes and advertise yourself and your offers. Sure, there going to be many people who would like to try themselves playing any musical instrument for not so high fee.

Cooking & Baking

Cooking is a talent that many people envy as it doesn’t only saves you money but it also can bring you some extra income. If you are confident with your own abilities, you could start with simply advertising yourself among your friends and ask them to tell their acquaintances about you. There are many people who pay through the nose for wedding cakes or just for special birthday muffins. Of course, they would be willing to economize on that using service of the good cooker who was recommended by their close friend.



If you like writing and you call it your hobby, you could use it to make some money. There are many possibilities to become a freelance writer or to become an Internet adviser. People are more often referring to Internet in their search of help and advices, and so here you are with your perfect skills to explain and to provide them with necessary information.


You could also contact with people who sell their used home items or things like hand-made accessories and offer them your services of description. What does it mean? It means you will write small description of their products to attract more customers. In turn both of you get advantages – the person selling products will save time on searching customers and will sell off their products quicker and you get additional source of income.


If you are good at organizing and at time-management, you could turn this special feature of yours into advantage for increasing your finances. There are many services offering organizing birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and other celebrations. And they require sometimes too much for their services. As a creative and perspective young person you can offer your own services and will probably attract much attention if you put a relatively lower price for your organizing skills. Anyways, it is going to be something you’ll enjoy doing and it will surely be a great pleasure to get some material reward for your work.


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