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TOP 5 Treadmills: Best Quality-To-Price Ratio

Running is great for health – it helps to lose weight, normalize metabolism, build muscles, learn how to properly use oxygen as well as satiate blood with it, how to naturally increase joy hormones in the body.

But not everyone can get up in the morning before work – or go jogging in the evening after work. Especially if it`s 50-degree heat outside, or a person lives far from a green zone.


Even in this case you should not stay in your place – better run in place! Combine sports with comfort – buy yourself a cool treadmill on JiJi!


In addition to powerful motor, size of a trainer, size of a track, there are a bunch of innovative solutions that we have to take into consideration when choosing a treadmill.

Thus, treadmill with mp3-player is made for those who want to make his training super enjoyable. For advanced comfort choose a treadmill with massager. And those who are more serious about their running sessions should pay attention to presence of a large selection of training programs and modern sensors of measuring a pulse.




Please welcome top five treadmills in the ratio of price to quality!


Finnlo 1

One of the best in the series! Track has dynamic design, and if you “look inside”, you will find a huge power (3 horses), which allows to speed up to 20 km/h. FINNLO MAXIMUM is introduced in elegant black.

Finnlo 5


This top class trainer has its own characteristics:

  • you can set the angle of inclination up to 15%;
  • innovative coating material that prevents load on joints;
  • ideal for tall people – 153×56 cm;
  • big LED display with 5 fields, complete visualization of training options;
  • 10 preset programs and the ability to create your own;
  • the pulse is measured by sensors on the rails, and by Polar-compatible meter

Finnlo 4

An average price in Europe – 3200 EUR


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AeroFit Pro Walkpal


Aerofit 1

Aerofit 5

  • 5 horse motor; speeds from 0, 2 to 8 km/h;
  • Treadmill is equipped with a 51×134 cm track;
  • A visual display with details of your workout time, speed, calories, pulse, angle, distance;
  • Manufacturer paid particular attention to safety. Innovative system of amortization gives a feeling of running on land;
  • The “brain” of the simulator has 8 workout programs with 5 levels of load + 4 programs with pulse control. The handles measure pulse with the help of high-frequency sensors. The simulator is equipped with rollers for movement;
  • Another nice surprise – the trainer has built-in speakers and a slot for player – your training turns into a pure pleasure.

Aerofit 4

An average price in Europe – 2084 EUR
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Eurofit Dallas

Eurofit Dallas 4

Eurofit Dallas 2

Trainer Dallas by Eurofit is equipped with a double-layered track and advanced damping system. Dallas also has an excellent modern system of folding and compact sizes for saving space in the house.

Eurofit Dallas 3

Other benefits:

  • 2 horse electric motor;
  • 3 training programs with 12 levels of intensity;
  • memory for 9 different users (an excellent choice for home and gym);
  • option to connect chest sensor for heartbeat control;
  •  Wireless weight management system “Intelligent Weight Management”;
  • transportation wheels.


An average price in Europe – 1005 EUR
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Esprit CT80

Esprit CT80 5

Esprit CT80 1

CT80 model is another stylish solution from sports giant Esprit. Range of training programs, quality design, powerful motor and affordable price – all that is only a first impression:

  • damping system based on 4 pairs of elastomers helps protect the spine and the joints from overexertion;
  • a wide variety of program levels – CT80 is good for both beginners and pros;
  • 25 program modes;
  • folding frame – save a place at home for trainer`s storage;
  • hand sensors for measuring pulse rate, an additional chest cardio sensor;
  • built-in fan has beneficial effects on microclimate, and prevents overheating of your body.

Esprit CT80 3Esprit CT80 6


An average price in Europe – 754 EUR

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BH Fitness Marathon G 652

BH Fitness Marathon G 652 1

Another smart choice for jogging at home that has all chances to be used in fitness club! Sustainable design, small size, quiet in working mode and high power – what else do You need? BH Fitness Marathon G 652 2


  • an impressive display with complete information about the training;
  • heart rate controlled training programs;
  • auto adjust of the programm intensity depending on pulse;
  • the model is equipped with transportation wheels;
  • damping system reduces the load on joints;
  • the track is equipped with emergency stop function (in case of a fall).


Average price in Europe – 500 EUR


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