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TOP 5 News In The World Of Technology

We’ve already mentioned that technologies are evolving all the time,

that’s why today JiJi is going to introduce you 5 most fascinating recent pieces of news!

Let’s dive into the world of technology and progress!


1. To prevail over the scepticism about sunbatteries: the initiative of Google!

A new project of Google is called Sunroof, and the main purpose is to persuade people that sunbattery is actually a way to save energy and money.

The principle of work: once an address is chosen, the programme starts to calculate the average amount of sundial, the optimal scheme of situating the panels, the amount of energy to get in perspective and the money saved. As you can see, the mission of the Sunroof project is educational, and aims to encourage people to be more economical.


2. Intel and Google wish the phones could film in 3D!

The company Intel created a camera RealSense which is able to scan objects in 3D, and Google has introduced sensors Google Project Tango to create the 3D-projections. Together this team lauched a version of smartphone (unfortunately, only for developers) which contains both these functions. With the help of such device you can get an immediate lay-out of everything surrounding you. It’s a great relief for delevopers of video-games and just for enthusiasts!


3. Say hello to a flexible screen by LG!

LG wants to find its niche on the market, that’s why this company is devloping the flexible screen (the technology is called OLED). Samsung is going to produce smartphones with this technology, as it’s highly effective to avoid scratches and cracks on display if it suddenly falls down. Nevertheless, only a screen will be able to survive such a challenge, so the next step is creating flexible batteries! You will never know – maybe one day, your smartphone will become almost immortal!


4. Tesla has launched beta-testing of autopilot function.

The Tesla company is keep on refining its invention by creating the version 7 of the autopilot function. Tesla is testing this function together with the owners of Tesla Model S. However, the spokesmen emphasize that the customers shouldn’t wait for complete auto-driving – the driver always has to be aware of the traffic and of some processes in the car, that’s why it won’t be absolutely automatic.


5. The sun electric car Immortus can function for eternity!

This car can’t be blamed for using carbon, because it functions with the help of sun energy. Moreover, if you’re driving in a sunny place not exceeding the speed of 60 km/h, you can actually drive for eternity! The secret is held in the sun batteries which produce energy instantly. Nevertheless, you can charge the battery if you hesitate, but you shouldn’t 😉

The manufacturers plan to produce approximately 100 copies of this model for people who can afford $370 000 for a car, but if it the technology appears to be easy and economical, they will expand the manufacturing.


And what kind of technology would you like to see in future or to invent?

JiJi has to know your opinion! Leave a comment!

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