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This Amazing Wine Bottle

We have many reasons to drink wine – birthday, New Year, anniversary of marriage. And we always throw away wine bottles.

JiJi.ng want to show you how you can create a little miracle in your house for free!

All you need – empty wine bottle!

Lamp from a wine bottle.

Lamps of wine bottles great choice not only for your home, but will be a cool gift.

Materials: an empty bottle of wine, drill for glass, gloves, goggles, tape, garland.

First, choose a wine bottle. The warmest light gives, of course, a brown glass, and it will be perfect for the night-light. For a lamp is best suited garland with only yellow lights, or any other color, for example, for blue bottle suitable blue lights.

Wrap dry bottle at the bottom of masking tape in several layers. It is necessary to drill a hole in the glass, not split it into pieces. The drilling speed should be average, and drill – wet. Thus drill ten minutes, until the hole is sufficiently broad for passing garlands of light bulbs.

When you have finished drilling, remove the tape. Grab a pencil, wrap it in sandpaper, poke a hole in the wall and process, then just treat edge.

Now you can start to push through any lights in the bottle, or decorate it with drawings. To do this, use the transparent stained glass paint. Painted bottles create an even more interesting effect.

The last phase of the work – to put lights in a bottle and leave the wire coming out of the hole. Try to keep the lights uniformly distributed over the bottle.

And this is not all! Look at the next page!

Cutted wine bottle can be a wonderful accessoire in your home!

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 10Matherials:

1. Any combustible liquid with a high burning temperature and a long burning time. Suitable even cologne or nail polish remover.

2. Plump thread, for example, yarn for knitting, able to absorb a fair amount of liquid.

3. Glass fretsaw.

4. Capacity with very cold water, where you can dip your bottle.

The process itself is very simple. Lets do this step by step with JiJi.ng!
At first, soak the bottle in hot water to unstuck paper labels, glue traces. Wash and wipe dry with a bottle:

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??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 3

Now it’s time to cut your bottle. Use a special machine or on the glass fretsaw for the application of the circular notches on the bottle. The height of the incisions define depending on the purpose for which the bottle is intended – for manufacturing vases or ashtrays, for example:

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 4

And here is a little trick: after notching take thoroughly moistened in combustible thread and tie it tightly bottle in the designated place. Do not make more than one round – it is better to take a thicker thread. Now set fire to pre-cutted excess ends!
Admire the flame on one – two minutes and drop the bottle in a container of cold water. If the temperature difference was substantial enough, the bottle may burst through the thread directly into the water. If not – push down and a bottle divided into two parts:

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 5

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 6

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 7

Now polish the edge of the bottle with fine sandpaper so that the edges become rounded and do not pose risks:

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 8

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 9

Your base is ready – now with the help of our own imagination and ideas you can turn it into any of a variety of interesting things! Don’t miss them, follow the next page!

You can make flambeau.

Create a beautiful lampshade!

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 16

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 13

Make your own set of tumblers!

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 15

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 12

And stylish flowerpot!

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 11

And what about a vase?

??? ? ????? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? 14

Here are the concepts of beautiful tables!

Stay with JiJi.ng! We have a lot ideas!

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