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There Is No Pain: Cheat Your Brain!

Psychologists are tired of telling people obvious things they don`t understand! One of these things is that you can fool your brain, if you force it to think about something abstract “to switch it” from feeling physical pain.

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A study conducted at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany demonstrates that if you “think hard” of something when you experience painful sensations, you can not only relieve the pain, but also partially block the flow of signals about it to the brain!


Christian Sprenger, who led the study, tested this hypothesis on volunteers, – one those, who came to pass the test on memory and concentration. The test was different from the usual test on memory in the following way: during the test, volunteers received light pricks with needle in the most sensitive places of elbow or wrist. The effect proved the expectations: those who had the most difficult tests felt less pain than others did!


How to get rid of headaches with the help of distraction

Let’s get the “Mind games started!

Examine the “problem” part of the body

Remember what you usually think of when you are injured. Panic makes you think about the worst: intoxication, loss of blood, injury of vertebrae, which will definitely lead to partial loss of capacity. Stop thinking about it! If your brain begins to work actively in these “moments of truth” – at least let there be no fantasizes that scare you!
“Switch on” your logic, look at your injury and assess the seriousness of the situation. Two rules work simultaneously here: you distract the brain to reinforced thought process, the visual perception of injury and sober assessment of its severity can reduce your pain threshold.


Scientific proof: volunteers passed the test, during which the infrared beam burned the finger of their right hand; they had a mirror, in which they saw only their left hand. The results were shocking: a person feels the pain, but when he sees that his fingers are all right, the pain reduces!

Imagine something scary

They often decorate the rooms in ch?ldren polycl?n?cs with photos of cute and happy cats and dogs. Well, let it be for the kids – it is inhumanely to scare them.



Another story is with adults!

Imagine smth like this:

…or this:


…well, maybe this??!!pikcing-up-rebecca-black-500x375

Scientific proof: two groups of volunteers watched different types of slides on a big screen: the images for the first group were terrible, for the second – all cute and pink. Simultaneously they all lowered their hands in tanks with extremely cold water. As a result, the representatives of the first group “screamed less” because their brains did not manage to handle qualitatively two sources of negativity from the external environment.
A similar situation: American “Tommy” on the battlefield needed less morphine than patients after surgical operations in peacetime did. Why? Elementary Psychology: soldiers were already happy with the fact that they were alive!

“Like cures like”

Hadn`t your dad advised you to hit your finger with a hammer when you complained of toothache? He was right. But you were eight – now everything works differently!

200 years ago the doctors came up to a genius decision: pulling out the patient’s tooth, they pinched him his with special tweezers. Inhumanly, but the result was worth it.


As nerds scientists say: “Epicritic pain can suppress protopathic. Epicritic pain inhibits protopathic excitation and the latter doesn`t reach the brain”.

Just think: when you hit yourself, don`t you instinctively grasp surrounding objects with your fingers, or bite your lip?

Tips can be very different here: in order to distract somebody from the toothache, just punch him. And if it`s a lady, who is not so smart, just scratch her iPhone!

“My dentist before treatment, – she knew that I was too scared. When she started treatment, I began to howl. She said – have patience, otherwise I will drill your knee! I was in shock and no longer thought of pain, about ten seconds, – it was enough for her to finish. She did well, though not very humanely”.

Pain is OK… At least you have to believe it!

Oh no, we are not going to recruit you to the Club of masochists.

Pain can be different. It is a fact. Toothache is a signal about dental problem, and muscle soreness is only a symptom of muscular atrophy. Anyway, pain should be seen as help, because SOS-signal coming from the body is a natural way to avoid aftereffects of illness.


Scientific proof: two groups of volunteers dragged their arms with a bandage.  The first group was told that nipping the blood flow will cause the damage to limbs, others that it will increase the blood flow in the long term. Naturally, the second group complained about the unpleasant sensations less, because they were not scared. That is how famous “white lie” works!


Get rid of everything that reminds you of pain

This is contrary to the first paragraph, as you may think at first glance, but here another psychological mechanism works. Once the irritant vanishes out of your vision, the brain begins to occupy itself with other things, – triggers the principle of distraction from the problems.

The same rule is for mental pain. Broke up with your love? Get rid of photos and letters, take a course on new life – otherwise there is a risk to drown in a swamp of sad memories.

Just take a look at these kids – how different can be the reaction on injections:



As you can see – there is nothing wrong if you sometimes cheat your own brain, the Holy of Holies of our body that gives us not only ingenious ideas, but also all sorts of useless stuff!


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