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The Only Laundry Symbols Guide You Ever Needed

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Based on true story. Unfortunately:).

Last week I bought this supercool T-shirt for my husband Johnny who is in love with casual sporty outfits. So when his b-day arrived I gave it to him all nicely packed right after he woke up.

It was a hit! Seriously, he would wear it to his office from Monday to Thursday and luckily they had a day off on Friday:). I thought he would soon start sleeping in it until last weekend. That was when I threw the T-shirt into our washing machine and set 40 degrees ? without even looking at its laundry tag. But come on, who ever does it anyways?

Johnny’s unlucky T-shirt

So, when I pulled it out together with other partly dried clothes, I could hardly recognize my husband’s new top pick. The T-shirt was so tiny I’d rather say it belonged to a 10-year old kid! I almost burst into tears as I thought how much time and emotions were invested into this messy piece of fabric.

I somehow suspected giving our dirty laundry to one of our moms for washing wouldn’t be appreciated much. So, to act a bit smarter next time, I surfed the web for wash symbols on clothing tags to learn how to read those small clues on jeans and shirts that at times tend to look like hard to digest hieroglyphs.

And you know what? It took me just a minute to decipher these laundry symbols that turned out to be quite simple. To make sure I always have them at hand, I simply printed out this user-friendly graphic, put it in a page protector, and sticked it to our washing machine with tape.

So, here what it says.

Wash Symbols


While looking for an easy-to-use wash symbols guide, I found a few pictures of clothes tags that I think will bring  a smile to your face. I’m still wondering whether all those who wear such T-shirts ever notice what’s written on their clothes labels.

By the way, have you checked YOUR clothes tag?:)

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