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Smile Like In Hollywood With JiJi.ng

Teeth are important part of our look, they affect on our self-esteem, moreover, teeths health is very important for our cenesthesia.

Hollywood smile is known all over the world, but do you know, that to get it celebrities undergo serious procedures – braces, surgery, dental prosthetics and of course, teeth whitening. Teeth are important part of our look, they affect on our self-esteem, moreover, teeths health is very important for our cenesthesia.







If you have naturally white, well-ordered teeth it doesn’t mean that they will be healthy during all life. Just regularly visit dentist for prophylaxis.



But what to do, if you don’t like your smile? Read answer on next page!

First of all – take care about mouth cavity health – treat caries, dental calculus, mouth infections. If you have children – make them stop finger or lip sucking – it will result in malocclusion and dental problems in future.

???????? ?????? - ????????? ??????? ??????????????????? ???????? ?????? - ????????? ??????? ??????If your child already has malocclusion – visit a doctor as fast as possible – for little child dental plate will be enough, and it is much cheaper than braces.Sometimes, dental plate is effective for adults, but it depends from the case.



Braces can be permanent or removable.




There are different types of braces: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3580/3516547268_49f73ebb97_m.jpg
– metal wired braces (stainless steel, titanium, gold-plated).
– “Clear” braces serve as a cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces
– Lingual braces are a cosmetic alternative in which custom-made braces are bonded to the back of the teeth making them externally invisible.
The type of braces you will choose, when visit a dentist, depend on you wishes and financial ability.


https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/2e/3e/0f/2e3e0f8faf8bf084cdafab106cbb7b83.jpgBut before going to dentist, look on the mirror reflection – if there is a big problem, or just cute gap-tooth, that make your appearance zest.



About teeth whitening read on next page.


If your teeth color satisfies you, try to keep it – clean your teeth twice a day and after coffee or vine (they dye enamel). Every 6 months visit dentist to prevent teeth problems.

Before teeth whitening consult with a doctor and never come under advertisement influence when choose teeth whitening method in clinics – they may try to persuade you to perform the most expensive procedure.


You also can bleach your teeth at home using different toothpastes and whitening gels. Just remember, that they can increase dental sensitivity if you will use then for a long time. When you buy some product, ask, it there any another products from the same line. Better buy whole kit – it helps you to achieve better results.


https://ioneblackdoctor.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/woman-about-to-brush-her-teeth.jpgHow to make your teeth white at home? Just add potash (kaun) to toothpaste and redularly rub teeth with lemon rind!

https://dentalinfonline.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/porcelain.pngEven if you lost tooth or your teeth are wrong shape, you have all chances to achieve real Hollywood smile – almost all stars have porcelain veneers and ceramic bridges.

Many celebrities have veneers!Worn front teethAfter prosthodontic treatment

JiJi.ng wish you to smile all day! Stay happy with JiJi!


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