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Paper Book Vs eBook

Newest technology has led us to the point of making new choices. One of them is saving our forests by abandoning to print on a paper. Those who enjoy reading gave preferences to tablets, e-Readers and smartphones. But is it going to change us for the better or it may have its negative impact on our minds? Let’s research this together.

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E-books are especially attractive to us because of their capacities to save our time and finances. Here some of other their advantages:

1) Contain a lot more information

E-books may contain hundreds of thousands books and magazines. It is especially convenient when going on a long journey or when the necessary information is urgent to be found.


2) Weight less

It is especially convenient for our shoulders and the square centimeters of our bag. The Paper book, on the contrary, may weight several kilograms and takea lot of place to carry.

3) Cost less

E-books tend to cost much less as there is no need to buy a new book each time. Paper books, on the contrary, are pretty expensive nowadays because of the sources needed. It’s becoming a luxury to own a library at home. The times are coming when not everyone will allow themselves to buy paper books.

4) Special functions

Linking, bookmarking, and highlighting arethe ones of many special functions of e-books. Whenever you need to read off a quotation or some very importantinformation, you may refer to the list of highlighted text in your e-book and find it easily.


5) Accessibility of information

Nowadays almost everything can be found on the Internet. It is simple to take a tablet or a smartphone and download any book you might want to read. Besides, not every book can be found in the local library, and there are working hours when you may get the access to it. With e-books the process of finding all the necessary information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is real.


Find the advantages of paper books on the page 2.


Paper books:

1) Better for comprehension

While reading a paper book the comprehension of the text we read is significantly increasing. There were some tests conducted when people were divided into two groups – one reading a paper book, and the other – reading the same book on a tablet. Then both of the groups were asked to put events from the plot in the correct order. Consequently, the e-book readers performed this task significantly worse.


2) Useful when it’s needed to remember the information

Tactile feelings of remembering in what part of the page and chapter the necessary information can be found characterize the paper book. It helps us understand the contents deeper and better making us dive into the book’s plot.

3) Help relax and sleep better

A recent study out of Harvard University found that reading an e-book before bed lessened the production of an important sleep hormone known as melatonin. As a result, people took much longer to fall asleep, experienced less deep sleep, and were more fatigued in the morning. Reading a paper book, on the contrary, helps you relax and makes you sleepy. Besides, it doesn’t shine with glaring light directed into our eyes signaling our brain that it’s time to wake up.


4) Give us deeper emotions and empathy

Regular reading also increases empathy, especially when reading a print book. One study discovered that individuals who read an upsetting short story on an iPad were less empathetic and experienced less transportation and immersion than those who read on paper. Therefore, reading a paper book helps us experience the content emotionally deeper, and so this will capture in our memory for longer.


5) Human factors

Some people still like the feel, the heft, even the smell of a book.  “For some types of reading, the physical act of opening a thick cover and listening to the whispered crackle of spine and pages is part of the enjoyment.” There is always something material to be proud of standing on your shelf. And when your friends visit your home, you can always be proud you own an old classic book or the latest bestseller.


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