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Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Forever

The days where our mobile phones and tablets could go for a week without recharging are gone. Nowadays smartphones offer more and more features to their users, but all those features significantly reduce the battery life of a smartphone. If you’re tired of constantly having to recharge your phone, we’ve got some tips that will help your smartphone’s battery last much longer.

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1. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The importance of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in our modern life cannot be overrated. There is no better way to transfer data between phones than by using Bluetooth, and you won’t find a cheaper and more useful alternative to Wi-Fi. However, these two features are extremely power-consuming. If you don’t need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at all times, turn them off. You’ll notice how much longer your battery will work without recharging.

2. Avoid using flash

If your phone is equipped with a camera flash, like the latest iPhone and Samsung models, try to use it only when it’s really necessary. It takes a lot of energy for the flash to work, so it’s best to avoid using it too much. Flashes are especially power-hungry when you take several shots in a row. By the way, the same goes for regular cameras!

3. Cut your use of vibrate

Sure, the vibrate function in our smartphones allows us to be notified of phone calls and texts when we can’t use the sound. But did you ever think how much battery power is used by this function? In fact, the vibrate function is believed to be the #1 power drainer. The key is to use the vibrate as little as possible: for example, during important meetings or at night. Another way to save your battery power is to set a lower volume for your ringtones.

4. Don’t forget to close applications

The majority of modern smartphones are great for multitasking: you can run several applications at the same time. However, this function is not only very useful, but also very harmful for your phone’s battery. We recommend using only one app at a time. With the help of special apps, both for Android and iOS phones, you can detect how much power each one of your applications is consuming, and make the decision about which apps you need the most.

5. Don’t let your phone’s battery die

When you charge a phone that is completely discharged is very harmful for the battery, since it places a lot of unwanted strain on it. If you want your smartphone’s battery to last longer, plug in your smartphone before the battery is dead. Carry a charger that will let you charge your phone anywhere you are using just a free socket. Also you can buy a special charger for your car.

6. Turn off your GPS tracking

Of course, GPS is a very useful function that allows us to easily navigate under any circumstances. But GPS is extremely power-hungry, so if you never turn off GPS, don’t be surprised when your smartphone can’t go even a day without being recharged. The best solution would be to only use GPS tracking when there is a real need for it: for example, when you’re travelling and don’t know the locations very well.

7. Turn off notifications

Generally, smartphone users don’t care too much about lock screen notifications, even though they can get quite annoying. However, if you don’t turn off notifications in your smartphone, you’ll notice how much faster your phone’s battery discharges. This problem can be solved by turning off the notifications, limiting them to what’s really important to you: text messages, missed calls, etc.

8. Limit screen time out

All modern smartphones have a feature that turns off the phone screen after it’s been inactive for some time. Some users set the time out to as much as 5 minutes, which negatively influences the battery life. Obviously, you should set the time out you find appropriate, but we recommend to limit it to 15 seconds.

Overall, improving the battery life in your smartphone is an easy task. All you have to do is follow our tips and take good care of your smartphone – then you’ll be able to enjoy using it without having to recharge your phone every few hours.

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