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Job Abroad: Get Prepared

Working abroad has been always an attractive opportunity for everyone. For someone it has always been an unachievable dream. And when the day comes when you are recognized to get a job abroad, be aware there are a lot of preparations to be done before you start your trip.

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Prepare your documents and paperwork

2K9bz_srguAMake sure your passport is current and in good condition, with plenty of blank pages for all of your possible future trips. Some extra passport-sized photos usually come in handy at some point, too. Make photocopies of everything: passport, insurance policy, credit cards, driver’s license, airline ticket, rail pass, bank statement, and anything else that seems relevant. Leave one set at home with parents or friends, and bring at least one set with you. It’s also a good idea to prepare a resume. Make sure it follows all the local requirements when structuring your CV.

Be sure you get all references and statement of services from your current job in your home country, and from any other job you now do in your working abroad experience. You just never know when you might need them. Besides, they can be of great use when renting an apartment.

jYcpD5OhvRABefore you leave for your working abroad experience ensure you have all the paperwork you need for your new job: degree certificates, references, statement of services, resume.

Get to know the employment conditions

Be prepared with understanding employment conditions in the country and workplace you intend to work. They can vary significantly from what you are used to, so it’s better to be aware of these before you start working. Some of them are: the hours of work, leave entitlements, work tasks, dress code and office culture.

TD5e2tHIqmQFor example there are countries and companies where it is not essential what clothing you use. And there are some companies that are so much bothered with their image they don’t allow their employees wear short skirts and very tight blouses. According to this information prepare your wardrobe so you don’t seem unprepared in a new employment community and so you don’t spend extra money and time on shopping.

Research the location

Before you go, don’t spare time exploring the location you intend to live in. It is very important to know what community you will live in and what people are going to surround you. The more you know about your future home, the more comfortable you will be. Find the information about housing, transport, political and economic situation; anything that will provide you with the overall insight. If you are planning to work and live abroad with family, be sure to research neighborhoods, childcare, schools, extra-curricular activities, medical services and any other services your family regularly uses.


Learn the language

This will certainly make your first days much more manageable and easy. It is highly recommended to take learning language courses before you move abroad. Even if you are going to work for an international company where all you will need is English, remember, there is life outside the window and you might need help from the locals when asking the way or taking advices where is the best place to buy food.


Besides, working abroad doesn’t only mean moving from home to the office. But first of all it means learning and getting a life experience in a foreign society. To better understand its culture and way of life you will surely need to communicate. And how will you be able to do it without definite language knowledge?

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Establish networks before you leave

UGbXZ1NbrXYNetworking is a powerful job search tool, but even if you already have a job arranged, developing a solid network of friends and colleagues before you relocate will be of great use in helping you get settled in your new location. International communication has become so much easier with the social networks established inside our computers. Use them to contact with your future colleagues and possible neighbors.

7NYikPUh4DoBesides, quickly making friendships in your new home is the best way to ensure you won’t be outplayed by culture shock or to prevent home burglaries.

Reserve some money and research the costs

Before going abroad make sure to supply your own budget with a definite amount of money needed for various expenses. Perhaps you won’t get your first pay check for at least a month, you might need to pay a security bond for your apartment, or have to furnish a new place. And of course you will want to travel a little bit too to get in touch with the local history and culture.


You should also prepare for your working abroad experience by researching the best price and value the different companies offer for those things you really need. For example phone and internet coverage, rent, transportation costs, and vehicle hire. Get yourself prepared with the list of expenses so it doesn’t take you by surprise.

Visit a doctor

It is important to get all your necessary vaccinations once your plans are finalized. Even if your destination does not require any new vaccines, ask your doctor to check upon your health condition so you are prepared with some first aid medicaments.


Protect yourself with the expat insurance. The medications may be much expensive for foreigners and the doctor consultations can be paid as well. It is good if nothing bad happens, but in any case, it is better to be confident you will be provided with proper helping services in cases of emergencies.

JiJi.ng wishes you good luck at your job abroad!


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