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Is Smoking Attractive?

Have you ever noticed how smoking actors look on the screen? They seemed to be so confident, so desirable… Man, smoking cigar looks imposing, woman, letting cigarette smoke, looks seductive. But this is only picture and such details called to create character’s colour.
Tobacco companies promote image of smoking person like successful and attractive. But is it true?
You know, cigarettes harm not only smokers health, but also the health of surrounding people. Inspite this, many people start smoking under advertising pressure.

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What are the reasons why smoking makes you repulsive?
1. Smell.
Even expensive Cuban cigars have disgusting smell. Slim feminine cigarettes are not better. All tobacco production turn your mouth and breath into ashtray. How do you think, is it attractive to breathe on the people with soot? Or to kiss smoke-filled mouth?

2. Health
When you smoke, your skin aging, your lungs suffer – disease was never attractive. Especially smoking is harmful for future posterity. Pregnant woman with cigarette is taboo in most civilised countries. But what children will born from smoked oocyte and sperm cell? Scientifically proven that cigarettes negatively affect on sex cells quality.  Who want unhealthy children from tobacco-addicted person?

3. Voice

Hoarse trembling voice is horrible. Especially  if it belongs to pretty young girl. Before start smoking, think twice, do you really want to change your voice.

4. Sexual potency

Smoking causes potency problems.

In some situations smoking soothes. In some cases we can seduce partner playing with cigarette. If you smoke occasionally, it can be interesting, but if you smoke one cigarette after another during a day, it is not very well.

The Nigeria National Tobacco Control Bill was very good step for Nigerians health improvement. Ban for smoking in public places, control of advertising can create new image of modern Nigerians.
Let’s save your children from smoking hook! Write in comments, what is your attitude to smoking.

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