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How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

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Sunglasses rock. Protecting you from the sun and mosquitoes that lost their way, with this small accessory you can try on a touch-me-not look or vintage style from 1970s. Be them black or white, mirror or chameleon, consider the shape of your face before experimenting with your exterior.

1. Outline your face.

Most likely, you can easily tell which face shape you have. If not, take a mirror and draw a line along your face shape on it with a highlighter.


2. Define your shape

Define whether your face shape reminds an oval, square, circle, or heart so you know how to choose sunglasses that would fit you most and give recommendations to your friends.


oval_3. Oval shape.

Beyonce is mentioned commonplace by beauty and fashion experts when it comes to matching glasses, makeup, or neckline to your face shape. If you have this exemplary elipse-like face with its length being longer than its width, you are lucky enough to wear any sunglasses you want: cateye, aviators, or rectangular.

However, try to avoid big sizes not to overload your face features and maintain balance.

oval 1

Go to Page 2 to check what sunnies fit square, round, and heart face shapes!

Find your perfect sunnies on JiJi!

square4. Square shape.

If you have a square shaped face it means its width is very close to its length and your cheekbones are as wide as your forehead and your jawline. In this case, you should aim at adding extra femininity to your look just like Nia Long normally does. Softer jawline, less sharpness, and more balanced face can be created if you go for aviators, shields, or butterflies featuring circular curves and rimless edges.

We recommend that you lay aside sharp edges and lenses that can draw unnecessary attention to your strong jawline.

square 1

round5. Circle shape.

Round faces are cute as they make you look young and girlish. If you have one, then your lines are curved and your cheekbones are a bit wider than your forehead and your jawline. Your perfect sunnies are those which add sharpness to your face and make your angles defined. Choose squares, cateye, and rectangular to balance your lines.

Nia Long believes it’s better to avoid round edges and shields that emphasize your roundness.

round 2


Genevieve-Nnaji16. Heart shape.

Noticeable cheekbones and sharp jawline is what makes Genevieve Nnaji’s face look like a pretty heart. If you know exactly what this is about, then you need to attract attention downward with help of aviators, retro square, and butterflies.

Skip sunnies with defined top edges as they will add length to the upper part of your face.

heart 1

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