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How To Act In An Interview: Body Language

Considering high contest between competitors, each detail is important: it is not enough just to find the job and assess your chances – you have to do your best to sell yourself in the interview. And even if you are confident about what to say, your body language can tell HR-manager things you wanted to hide.

Carefully observe your own behavior and the behavior of your opponent. If you “read” him on time – it will give you a head start and an opportunity to cut the mustard, – as a result you will create positive impression in the interview!

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How to act when you enter the room

HR-manager starts to assess you in the moment when you are entering the room – so it is very important HOW you do it. Believe us – your walk can tell lots of things about you – even things you had no idea about!

  • Pull your hands out of your pockets – you don’t want to walk in the office like a gangster from Harlem. Or vice versa – you don`t want to show yourself an unconfident person – and such posture means exactly this. For the same reason, it is not worth to slouch – keep your back straight;
  • Nevertheless, “soldier’s poise” is also inappropriate;
  • Energetically swinging hands you create the opposite impression;
  • Do not cross your hands on your chest like an Indian Chief – this is the posture of a closed person who is ready for defense – so far nobody was trying to attack you.


Bad example in how to behave in an interview

6 Tips for the Best Body Language in Interviews

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A place you choose can tell a lot about you

  • If you choose a place in a corner – you will look like an unconfident person;
  • If you choose a place above the level of the opponent`s chair and cross one leg over the other, you will show dominance. You don`t need that in your first interview.
  • The best choice is to sit directly opposite to HR-manager and at the same level.

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Do not forget about simple things that help people make good impression, pay special attention to your own gesticulation:

  • Best postures and movements are natural ones. But over-controlling yourself can completely occupy your brain, and you will surely say something stupid!
  • Posture “arms at hips” tells your opponent about your superiority or that you do not wish to tell about yourself;
  • Don`t constantly touch your face, ears, jewelry or your new fancy jacket – your conversation partner will see it as your anxiety;
  • It is better not to cross your arms and legs. However, if you are worried and feel that your hands are shaking – make a wrist-lock grip at the level of the abdomen. Do not squeeze hands heavily – this is a sign of aggression.

angry woman


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Facial expression and eye contact

There is no doubt that a smiling person arouses like. But don`t overdo it – there is a risk to look like a clown. Don’t forget that you should smile relevantly!

Psychologists say that rich facial expression is a sign of a person with high self esteem. This is not bad, but you should think how much of it to show.

If you smile frequently, but avoid eye contact – HR-manager will understand that there is something wrong with you. At the same time, constant eye contact will make him feel awkward.



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“Read” your opponent like an open book

Note a zone of your opponent`s look:

  • If he looks right in the area of nasal bridge of the opponent, he places himself equal with you – you can propose any bold ideas – for example, how to improve the workflow;
  • If he looks in a zone above your eyebrows – he examines you, feels domination over you – stay calm and be attentive to what you say;
  • If he looks at your lips (and your future boss – is a beautiful woman) – consider yourself lucky: this means that a person really likes you in an intimate sense!
  • If a manager generally avoids eye contact – it means that he thinks of something else. In this case, think of how to quickly captivate him – for example, tell him about your significant career achievements. Also, avoidance of eye contact can indicate that he simply does not believe you.


By the way, carefully “catch” the eye contact of your opponent, – do it once in 10-15 seconds, otherwise he may think that you are studying him.

If your HR-manager leans forward to meet you and frequently nods, it means that he endorses what you said and shows that he trusts you. If he crosses his arms on the chest – he does not approve of what you’re telling him. If he is exploring his pen or gets rid of dust on his costume – it’s quite possible that he doesn`t care about your story.


And remember that each activity requires a sense of balance: don`t try to read every gesture of your opponent trying to guess his thoughts. In the end – if he constantly sits with one leg crossed over another – maybe it`s just his habit, or if he scratches his nose – maybe it is just itchy! And don’t forget – your opponent`s opinion about you depends not only on your behavior, but also on lots of factors!


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