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How I Fight Hangover With These 9 Magic Tips

Drink smart with JiJi!

Beer, wine, and whiskey look much better when bottled and labeled than when all whirlpooled together in your stomach to create a globally recognized cocktail called “good-bye tomorrow”.

And if you can purchase a smartphone just by recycling the cans and bottles around you, then memorizing the following anti-drinking tips can be a good idea.

So, here’s the rundown of my personal scientifically-proven hangover wisdom for you to remember next time you raise your glass and propose a toast. No more headache and sick stomach! Let’s dive in?

Before the debauch

1. If Chicken Republic or Tastee Fried Chicken can ever be prescribed, that’s the case. Grease this delicious junk food contains will cover walls of your stomach with protective liner to prevent alcohol you plan to consume from penetrating fully into your blood stream.



2. Do you know why we have this apocalyptic headache in the morning after the night out? Alcohol sucks out liquid from our body organs with brain system being his favorite part. So, to make sure your body is hydrated enough, drink plenty of water before the event.


Click Page 2 for quick and easy ways that help get rid of your morning despair during a wild night!

Drink smart with JiJi!

During the debauch

3. As metaphorical as it may sound, go from light  to dark. The thing is, the darker the alcohol the more cogeners – chemicals worsening your hangover – it contains. Therefore, I recommend choosing pale drinks such as white wine and light beer in favor of red wine and brandy. As you may guess, vodka is an exception.


4. Go for drinks that have no bubbles in them. It means that champagne and other bubbled wines can be left aside for good unless you look forward to suffering from severe hangover next morning. Fizzy drinks boost your metabolism signaling your body to digest alcohol faster.



5. Make breaks between bottoms ups. The longer the break, the more time your body has to digest the amount of alcohol you have just downed. Our bodies are unique with their own limits. While your friend weighting over 100 kilos drinks liter after liter,  stick to your limit of no more than 2 glasses of wine or 1 glass of brandy stretched throughout the evening.


6. Who would turn down a good dance? Likewise, who thinks about his/her morning hangover when tipsy? I don’t say you shouldn’t dance. What I’m trying to communicate here is simply go easy on dancing. Otherwise, your hangover will be doubled by muscle pain making you feel ever worse.

The Best Man Holiday

Click Page 3 for quick and easy ways that help get rid of your morning despair after a wild night!

Drink smart with JiJi!

After the debauch

7. If your natural mental response to “Good morning!” is “Please, shut up!”, do this: swallow ibuprofen or aspirin and drink a glass of water mixed with honey and lemon. Then go back to sleep again. Chances are, you’ll wake up in a few hours much fresher as the concoction will fill you up with necessary liquid and some energy.

8. Another quick recipe to fight morning headache, dizziness, and thirst after you finally woke up goes like this: squeeze one lime, add a few peeled pineapple and ginger chunks, and blend the mixture until smooth. Bottom up!


9. As I’m still wondering why Chicken Republic or Tastee Fried Chicken haven’t yet come up with a commercial promoting it as a hangover panacea, they remain the number one food places for reasons mentioned in 1. If your supermarket or, more likely, your fridge is within reach, go for food high in carbonates such as banana or pastry to give you a sugary kick.


10. Bed seems to be the most hangover-friendly piece of furniture. However, if you still need to go outside, remember to grab your sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunshine that may cause unpleasant stabbing pain.

If any of the points listed seems to be quite tricky, think about Puerto Rico where they rub lemons into the armpits, Japanese who swallow raw eggs, or Russians who chew activated charcoal. No holds barred, as they say.

Drink smart with JiJi!

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