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How About A Back Rub? 6 Tips From Massage Therapists

Have fun with JiJi!

When the day is over and there are only two of you, why not indulge yourself with eye-closing pleasure of relaxing massage. This stress-relieving activity clears your mind in seconds and stimulates blood bringing baby smile to your face.

JiJi asked Rudolf Cramton, MD, from London Spa Massage Center about do’s and don’ts of massage therapy at home. So grab the one you are sharing your nights with and try these 6 supereasy massage tips. Start with one and see what happens!


1. Use oil.

Apply a few drops of massage oil (coconut oil or veggie oil will also work great) on both hands to warm it up. Then rub it into your partner’s skin. If you partner is ticklish, you may want to apply a little more oil. Try to use just the right amount. Otherwise, it’ll be tricky to add pressure when needed.

feet_11_article-small_268872. Limbs first.

Your partner’s feet and hands have plenty of nervous endings responsible for his/her joints and genitalia. Start with small circular moves and proceed pressing firmly with your thumb on the area around his/her heels and right under the toes. Increase pressure gradually but make sure your partner doesn’t squirm from pain.

When done, use kneading moves on each toe and remember that massaging nail plates can bring some people to seventh heaven. Apply similar technique on hands.

020613-fashion-beauty-valentines-day-couples-massage-stress-romance-couple3. Shoulders next.

Shoulders help us carry bags with groceries and keep our backs straight so give them deserved recognition. Start with pinching and pulling the skin carefully and continue with relieving intense knots that you will inevitable feel under your fingertips.

Shoulders don’t appreciate speed. The slower you move the better so make sure you spend no less than 7 minutes around here.

massage14. Now spine.

They say, over 80% of health problems are related to spinal cord including depression, kidney diseases, and vascular issues. To take a good care of your partner’s spine, use both of your hands to make deep long-lasting movements along the spinal cord. Don’t rub disks and cartilage as you may easily damage the tissue. Go up and down along the spine 3-4 times and add more oil if needed.

5. And back.

Have you ever kneaded pizza dough? Well, it’s time to remember as our backs feature 5 layers of muscles. Gentle kneading is exactly what you have to start with when you switch on your partner’s back. After 2-3 minutes change it for vibration pressing firmly with your whole palm on upper and then lower back muscles and shake is well.

When done, gently grab and lift the skin throughout the entire back. Finish with smooth circular moves. If you happen to have a tennis ball within reach, it can become handy by evenly spreading pressure throughout your partner’s back.

Remember to ask your partner if her/she feels comfortable as you don’t want to cause any damage to his/her soft tissues. Mr. Cramton recommends lying down for 15 minutes after massage.

But for those bored with theory there are other things to do. If both of you are up for some fun, rub some oil in your hands and don’t overlook highly sensitive inner thighs and neck muscles.

Have fun with JiJi!

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