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Do You Make These 6 Common Mistakes During Power Outage?

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That’s the word to describe this literally black magic that instantly turns off your TV, your microwave, and – oh, no! – puts you offline. While it usually requires a while for our local power suppliers to get the electricity up and running again, you may want to avoid these 6 common mistakes Lagosians and Abujans make during power outage.


1. Opened fridge.

Usually, the first thing that hits your mind after the electricity goes off is very closely connected with filling up your stomach. But don’t hurry! The longer your fridge stays closed the fresher your food will be after the power returns.

Tip: Get a sufficient amount of canned food and a few bottles of water and find them a place in your kitchen accessible to all family members in case one of you gets hungry during power outage.

2. Plugged electronic devices.

Unfortunately, it’s commonplace. The primary purpose of unplugging home appliances immediately after power outage is to prolong their lifetime and save your money. The thing is, by leaving your washing machine or PC plugged, you increase their sensitivity to power surge which may happen when the power is restored.

Tip: Do unplag your home appliances to avoid their further malfunction and save cash.

3. All electric sources switched off.

When darkness arrives and you have no plans to go out, make sure you leave at least one of the switches on. This will help you stay updated on when power returns to your household. Otherwise, next morning you will be woken up by the daylight simply because your alarm hasn’t gone off due to uncharged battery on your smartphone.

Tip: Instead of coming up with various excuses for your boss of your late arrival to work, simply leave a light switch in your room on.

4. Kerosene heaters inside.

You would be surprised but some people still use kerosene heaters inside their homes instead of solar lanterns just like they did back in the 18th century. It’s an important no-no just as BBQ grills are as kerosene confined in buildings may cause toxic gases including carbon monoxide (which by the way shows no perceptible signs of presence) to spread all over your house without anybody noticing it.

Tip: Be extremely careful with such heaters and try to use candles that always add romantic ambience.

5. Generator connected to the power grid.

If you have a diesel generator – like most Lagosians do – or fuel generator, remember to keep it disconnected from the power grid. Otherwise, you increase chances of sending electricity back to electric companies causing irreversible physical damage to their employees.

Tip: Disconnect your generator from the power grid. 

6. Empty jerry cans.

We at JiJi asked 67 people, our friends and neighbors, whether their jerry cans are filled up with diesel. Guess what? 43 out of 67 respondents said they need to refill them. Well, there’s an easy way to save yourself the trouble of looking at your diesel or fuel generator standing in total silence.

Tip: Fill your jerry can with diesel today.

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