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Cheap Travel To Europe: Best Tips

Do you have a dream? Is it the one to visit Europe? Haven’t got enough money for it? Take these tips as your travel guide of how to travel cheap in Europe.

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1) Start from the season

Research in the Internet when is the high-time for tourists to come to the place you are intending to visit. It is going to be much cheaper to travel in mid or low season. Besides, you will get a chance to communicate with the locals more than tourists. It will provide you with the priceless opportunity to experience culture and their way of life.


2) Stick to one country only

It is better to choose one country and travel within its regions than move from one place to another every day. It will save you money both on transportation and accommodation. Besides, you will have enough time to dive deeper into customs and traditions of the locals, and maybe make some new acquaintances.


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3) Book or buy in advance

The most expensive part of your traveling to Europe is going to be the cost of traveling there and back. So you should think about your tickets in advance. Search the low-cost air flights or look for some buses and trains, and book them a couple of month before the initial date of your trip. This will make you sure you have the most comfortable places and will surely cut your travel expenses much. do_ViAcNBO8


You may also buy or rent a bicycle and take it with you. It will save you money on public transport within the country.


4) On foot

You can never enjoy the sightseeing of green European parks and squares if you are in a subway. If you want to remember your trip long after, grab a digital camera, a bottle of water and go walking and capturing the beauty.


To get in touch with the local history you can always visit museums which by the way offer discounts on particular days of a week. So don’t be lazy and research the information about local places of interest before starting your European adventure.


5) What about food?

WFzPYdFdAzcPlanning your meals carefully is another great way to reduce your travel expenses. It is going to be less weighty for your pocket to shop at the local grocery rather than going for a dinner to an expensive restaurant. Even small cafes oriented on tourists raise their prices significantly.

So you better learn a bit of cooking before going exploring Europe so you save much money for other worthy and more pleasant things to do while going exploring Europe.




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