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Achieve Success On Social Media

If there is a thing that unites ordinary people and celebrities, it’s social media. These days everyone is using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media websites. We use social media for different reasons: some of us want to become more popular, while others want to promote their brand. The advantage of using social media is that you can employ a wide range of tools to reach success. The goal is to let as many people know about you as possible. With our helpful tips you’ll achieve this goal in no time!

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1. Make the right choices

Every social media website is different from one another, which is why you need to determine which one is better to use in your situation. The only way to know if a particular social media website works for you is to try it. Remember that you can’t post the same things on Twitter and Facebook, because the audiences on these websites are interested in different things. Choose a strategy that fits best according to your experience.


2. Shorter is better

Facebook lets you post articles of any length, but it’s not always the best choice to create long posts on Facebook. Of course, from time to time you can publish a long Facebook article, but don’t overuse this feature, because your readers might not have the time or desire to read long posts from you every day.


Twitter is a different story: since there are only 140 characters available for each tweet, you can’t say too much. However, it’s proven that the best length of a tweet is about 100 characters, so don’t try and use every character all the time.

3. Use hashtags

Originally hashtags were only available on Twitter, but with time this feature spread to other social media websites and now you can successfully use hashtags on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Hashtags are a great way to bring new followers to your account. Use current events in politics, economy or showbiz to generate new hashtags and attract new followers. However, you need to be careful not to overuse this feature: no one will want to follow an account that only tweets hashtags.

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4. Post at the right time

Obviously, you can tweet and post on Facebook whenever you want, but if you do it at night or early in the morning, not many people are going to see your posts. Studies show that users have maximum interest social media in the afternoon – around 15.00. Weekends are also very effective in engaging readers, so keep that in mind.


If you don’t have the opportunity to tweet or post on Facebook as regularly as you’d want, use special apps that help you schedule your posts. Simply enter your text, set a time for publishing, and the app will do everything for you!

5. Use links

It’s very difficult to say everything you want using just Twitter or Facebook. If you want to tell your followers more about yourself, the brand you represent, some current events or anything interesting, link to this information. In that way not only will you provide an interesting read for your followers, but you’ll also bring traffic to your website, which is always beneficial. You can even link to your other social media profiles. For example, if you tweet a link to your Twitter account in your Facebook, post, you’ll increase exposure for both of your accounts.


6. Talk to your followers

One of the greatest benefits of social media is that you can talk directly to your followers, and not just post articles and links. Chatting with followers, having discussions and getting to know more about them will give you a better understanding of your audience.


There are several ways to engage in talking to your followers. First, if someone leaves a comment under your post, you can turn it into a real discussion. Second, if you want to know more about your followers, simply ask them to talk a little bit about who they are and what they do. Do this as often as you want, and you’ll regularly have a lot of interesting conversations, which is the main goal of using social media

7. Use pictures

fiona-amuzieThis advice almost goes without saying. A picture is the easiest way to convey your message. The first thing users notice when they see a post is the picture you’ve chosen to go with it. Sometimes you can even post a single picture and no text, and people will still know what you mean. You can also post funny images: memes, animals, funny quotes, etc – people will want to share these pictures with their friends, increasing your social media visibility and bringing you lots of new followers!

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