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9 Things No One Tells You About Your Wedding Day

The wedding day is probably the trickiest celebration as it can be full of surprises. And you never know when your perfect planning is going to crumble. Read these 9 things that are likely to happen and you wouldn’t even think of.

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1) The ceremony is the best part

Even though the pre-ceremony time is the most anxious 10 minutes, you will feel relieved when you finally get there. It is comprehensible that this is the time when you got to say your vows in front of all your family members and closest friends. And this moment should be special, both of you got to be prepared. Think about your future spouse and that you can’t let them down. It’s all decided and it’s all done. All you have to do – is make your first step and put the beginning of this day.


2) You might not cry when you say your vows

ekr7zN4zkvMAnd you shouldn’t bother about it. We all react differently to the same things. And we all may experience different emotions. The most important thing about saying your vow is to get it fully prepared. Take your time and think about all the magnificent moments you have already had together and which ones you are still to have in the future. If you are scared or shy to talk about your feelings in front of the crowd, you might take some classes of public speaking beforehand so when the moment comes you are calm and confident.

3) No matter how many tests you have – you’ll hate your make-up and hair

And this is totally ok too. Even though you will have the best wedding dress ever and you are going to book the best hairdresser for your wedding comb-out and the best stylist for your make-up, everything will seem just not 100% perfect. Just don’t look into the mirror to avoid you messing everything up. When looking through the wedding album 3 weeks later you will consider your eyelashes appearing more attractive with this massive mascara on them than without it. And you’ll be grateful.


4) All that food you chose so carefully you probably won’t eat much of it.

As the most couples you will be too excited and too busy with walking around the tables and talking to guests. Everyone will want to greet you, wish you many special things, and probably drink with you. So you are likely to get drunk than get something to eat. Don’t be surprised if the wedding cake is going to be the first thing you will have enough time for tasting.


5) Your face will hurt

The good news is that it will hurt of smiling. Thousands of pictures aside, you’ll be smiling all day because it’s going to be the best day ever. You’re marrying your soul mate and hopefully the best friend. Taking pictures, dancing with family and friends, getting great toasts – there is definitely no time to frown.



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6) You’ll be very glad to have a professional photographer

You might not remember every moment perfectly. Of course there going to be some of your closest friends to tell you about the hot and maybe sometimes awkward moments of your wedding day. And there will probably be some of your friends who like picturing everything and everywhere. So you will get enough of extraordinary memories taken on their smartphones and tablets.


But looking back on the day, you might be surprised by how blurry your recollection is and that there must have been some really special moments stilled in time. That’s why it’s so important to hire a great photographer and videographer to capture it all—you won’t regret it!

7) It probably will rain

And you will spend the first two hours of the day watching the clouds get darker. But don’t worry about it. As long as you took care of your wedding venue and have prepared the shelter for you and your guests, there is going to be no bad weather of this special day.


8) Your favorite moments are never to be planned

VTGTHscU4fsThose special wedding day moments you played over and over in your head for years to come are almost always spontaneous. The most special moment of the day is going to be something you never expected. When all is said and done, it might be a loving look your spouse gave you or a sweet sentiment from a loved one’s toast that stands out to you the most. And that’s the way it should be! The truly memorable details are seldom worked out in advance. The most magical moment will be when you least suspect it.

9) No one ever tells you your wedding day will actually be so much fun

With all the preparations and nerves wasted the true story is that it is actually going to be a lot of fun. Yes, all the stress and drama is going to appear only on the preparation stage. And what about the day itself? Let me show you how it is going to look like. Your parents, relatives, close friends gathering together drinking, smiling, dancing and laughing.


The stress-free atmosphere, everyone dressed in beautiful clothes wearing special bright accessories, lots of flowers around and a scent of happiness and joy in the air.

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