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7 Essential Things To Have In Your Car

As a modern adult, you probably spend at least several hours every day in your car – you travel to work and back home, take your children to school, go shopping, visit your relatives and hang out with your friends. With all this time apart from your home, it’s important to make the most out of your time in your car. Your car should have everything in your car to feel comfortable and entertained. Make sure these 7 items can always be found in your car, and you’ll never feel unprepared again.

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1. Music

funny-face-accident-500x500No matter how old you are or what you like to do in your free time, there’s one thing you can’t live without – music. Imagine how boring life would be without any music! This is why you should have a car player. Depending on the type of the player you choose, you can listen to radio, MP3 files from a flash drive, a CD, or even plug in your mobile phone. Car player will never let you, your family and friends get bored on a long car trip ever again!

2. Emergency essentials

Every driver knows that the road can be unpredictable and you can get into all sorts of trouble with your car. Minimize this risk by having an emergency kit that will help you get through any kind of accident. This kit is different for all drivers and cars, but the most universal items are:


3. Snacks and water

You never know where you car is going to break down, which means you can spend hours waiting for help in the middle of nowhere. In this case you should always have a supply of food and fresh water. Pack a couple of bottles of water in your car – it can also help you when your engine overheats. As for the food, we recommend packing some high-energy products with long shelf life: candy bars, nuts, and hard candy. They will keep you full for a couple of hours while you’re waiting for help.


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4. Family essentials

If you often travel to long distances with your family, make sure your car is prepared for those trips, especially if you have little children. Toilet paper, toothbrushes, trash bags, disposable dishes, wet wipes and other toiletries will help you comfortably travel with your family without having to stop at every shop on the road to buy the things you might have missed.

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5. Entertainment

It doesn’t matter if you travel alone or with your family, or if your trip takes a couple of hours or a couple of days – eventually you’ll get bored. We’ve already talked about the music, but what about other kinds of entertainment? Well, you should choose what you like the most. A tablet where you can play games and watch movies or an E-book are a great way to spend time in your car. Plus, your kids will love them too! This is why, next time you’re packing for a road trip, don’t forget to take a couple of gadgets with you.


6. Phone charger

Even if you don’t take long car trips and only travel to work and back, you never know where your phone’s battery is going to discharge. We recommend every driver to carry a portable phone charger in their cars all the time. With a charger you’ll be able to charge your phone whenever you need: in traffic jam, at traffic lights, or while you’re waiting for your wife outside a store. You can even get a universal charger that works with any phone: iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, etc.


7.Spare money

Travelling with your car can be very unpredictable. That’s exactly why experienced drivers always carry a bit of cash in their car. There are so many situations where you can need money: for example, you can simply forget your wallet at home, or it can be stolen. When you have some extra cash in the car, you can pay for the gas or make a phone call in case of an emergency. Remember: if you spend the money you had in your car, don’t forget to replace it with some more cash!


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