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5 Coolest & Fastest Motorcycles By Famous Brands

The wind whistling in the ears overlays the ecstatic roars of other motorcyclists, who in no seconds remain somewhere far behind. The brilliance of afternoon sun plays on the polished chrome-plated bike forms. And on the lips of the pilot plays the same confident and a little boastful smile.


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Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird. Performance First!

Honda 1

Honda motorcycles have always been on top for many reasons: showy appearance, engine power, acceptable weight and dimensions of vehicles, small fuel consumption.

Honda 3

In 1997, the world saw “Blackbird” that was created to wipe eye to Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11. Maximum speed of Blackbird is 287 km/h that is 5 km/h higher than record holder’s Kawasaki Ninja maximum speed.

Honda 2

That was one of the reasons why Japanese marketers have chosen this name – in honor of the American aircraft Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird” that established the absolute speed record among manned aircrafts with turbojet engines – 3529 km/h.


At one time, Blackbird motorcycle has won three awards:

  • “best among sport tourists”;
  • “the fastest serial motorcycle”;
  • “one of the best among multifaceted bikes”.

Blackbird has a strong heart – classical 4- Japanese engine that shows great results even at low speed. The maximum power of engine – 164 HP, torque – 119 Nm. Undoubtedly, a reliable motor.

Honda 5

Blackbird has an excellent stability on the road. Although, at steep turns and in the city heavy (223 kg) broad “blackbird” has difficult times, a small rotation angle of the rudder, and considerable weight significantly hinder to crawl on inter row spacing. Front and rear brakes are linked together for better efficiency.

Honda 7

In due time Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird was a high end motorcycle of total lineup. The build quality of the Super Blackbird is much better, compared to other motorcycles of the brand. Reliability is superb in all respects.

YAMAHA YZF R1 2012. Blue blooded Yamaha

Yamaha 1

A true legend of Yamaha motorcycles, YZF R1 will cause puppy enthusiasm of both: those, who just like to drive on a track and experienced racers of supersport class!

Yamaha 4

Special version, created for 50 years anniversary of Yamaha participation in Grand Prix, was crowned with bright logo on the fuel tank and a special plate with serial number. The world saw only 2000 copies of the model.

Yamaha 8

YZF R1 is one of the most advanced motorcycles of the brand: “under the hood” is 4-cylinder engine 998 cc, the highest peak RPM (182 HP at 12500 RPM), plus an excellent torque (115.5 nm at 10000 RPM).

Yamaha 6

Yamaha YZF-R1 incorporates distinctive technological advantages embedded in MotoGP to the year 2012. YZF-R1 is equipped with a new 7-level traction control, and to the updated color versions they added World GP 50th Anniversary.

Yamaha 2

In addition to the updated ECU control and a new traction control system, YZF-R1 got more aggressive front aerodynamic shroud with new led headlights.

Yamaha 7

Yamaha 5

Other details of unsurpassed motorcycle style – new forms of an exhaust pipe and a cap, which now looks like the one installed on the MotoGP model.

Yamaha 3

BMW S1000 RR. Sheer Riding Pleasure

First time this model of BMW motorcycle was presented in Munchen in 2008. Even then, it accelerated to 100 km in 3.3 seconds.


An updated model was “born” in 2009 and became one of the most promising serial superbikes of the twenty-first century. Electronics, engine, chassis concept – all created from scratch, without looking back. S1000RR was created for participation in World Superbike, so that the first series had only 1000 bikes required for FIM homologation. But a year later the “S” has become one of the most popular on the market. It was a motorcycle of professional pilots of BMW Motorrad Motorsport team on Grand Prix World Championship.


Motorcycle of factory team BMW Motorrad for World Superbike weighs only 162 kg and accelerates to 328 km/h.

A list of new features:

  • the geometry of the chassis is changed for better control;
  • improved ergonomics of driver’s seat;
  • updated firmware of electronics;
  • wheelbase reduced to 9.3 mm (now it is 1422.7 mm);
  • new dampener has 10-level mechanical regulation.


In mechanical terms, the engine remained the same, but the new firmware significantly brightens it in Sport and Slick modes. Created firmware is based on test data, including data by pilots from the World Superbike: reaction of DTC became sharper, but, more importantly, the effect of traction control can be reduced almost to zero. 


It seems to us that a new design of control panel is suitable for the owner of permanent ticket to some racetrack!

Due to the weight, the bike behaves very stably at any speed, does not respond to side wind and enters the high-speed arcs very smoothly.


Suzuki 1

The first model of this Suzuki motorcycle was presented in 1999 and since then has undergone an impressive amount of changes. The flagship Superbike is now even faster, more aerodynamically perfect… Today it is undeniably one of the best!

Suzuki 2

Superbike accelerates to hundred for 2.5 seconds. The main quality of motorcycle – you don`t feel the speed. 120 km/h you perceive as 80, 160 – as 110, 240 as 150 km/h. Creator of the model made aerodynamically perfect motorcycle: its shapes are not only beautiful, but also functional. Even at speed close to maximal, you “merge” with motorcycle: airflow without any questions surrounds the helmet and quickly vanishes somewhere behind the tailpiece.

Suzuki 4

Suzuki 7

And, despite the super power, Hayabusa “has no habit” to get up on the rear wheel.

Suzuki 5


No matter how far you have gone, motorcycle gives the same immense power and pushes the speedometer pointer to the right. It is never exhausted! But you at “240” point will probably think “what am I doing”? And only the most persistent ones will reach the moment when the pointer will pass 300 km/h.

KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-14R 2012. Let the good times roll!

Kawasaki 1

The model of this bike in many ways defined an image of the Japanese brand. And it is still included in the list of the most powerful superbikes in the World.

Kawasaki 3

Ninja ZX-14 set new standards of productivity and has the most incredible acceleration you have ever experienced. Power of the Ninja is 199 HP, and it goes to 100 just in 3 seconds. Maximal speed – 300 km/h.

Kawasaki 4

In a 2012-year model we find a more powerful 1441 CC four-cylinder engine with increased (4 mm) piston stroke.

Kawasaki 5

Kawasaki 7


Performance and acceleration profitably complement excellent handling and easily controlled power. Motorcycle has a smooth linear pull throughout the power range – from idle to redline.


In General, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 is the quintessence of striking engine performance, superb handling and enviable resilience, brilliant aerodynamic properties and comfortable ergonomics.

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