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5 Best Ways To Prevent A Hangover

Best friend’s birthday ? 1 year anniversary of living together with your girlfriend? Or just a tough working week? Being tempted by flashing sign-boards of bars and nightclubs, you can carry too far. Is your hanging out usually followed by a hangover? We know how to avoid such consequences!


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There are many ways to help yourself when you have a hangover. But isn`t it better to prevent it? Yes, that`s right, there is an option to feel great in the morning even after you had a wild night in the club.

We will tell you about the most effective ways and quick tips on how to act when you know you will have lots of drinks.


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Avoid cocktails and soda pops


Bartender can offer you a dozen of coolest cocktails with a variety of ingredients and difficult intriguing names. But remember – studies prove: when you mix alcohol with carbonated drink, a percentage of alcohol in blood rises by 20%!

And though many people prefer whisky and soda or whisky and Coke to pure whisky – this approach has a negative influence on the state of your drunkenness. So it’s better to mix hard drinks with your favorite juice!


The reason is large quantity of carbon dioxide. “Funny bubbles” irritate the gastric mucosa and increase the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.



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Avoid alcoholic beverages of dark color


It is preferable that in the night club not only relations with the opposite sex were transparent, but also the beverages that you drink.


In addition to ethanol, such beverages have various adds-on from the original mash (rye, sugar cane). Such beverage foods contain methanol or wood alcohol, and fusel oils. In some cases, the distillation process is carried out twice or thrice. But not always. During production of certain kinds of whiskey, tequila and cognac, distillation process is purposely not taken to the end, so that a beverage had a flavor and a fragrance of feedstock (malt, agave, grapes).


The concentration of toxins is huge not only in cheap alcohol, but also in expensive dark beverages, such as bourbon, brandy, whisky, rum, some kinds of tequila. One study showed that 33% of participants, who were drinking bourbon, had a hangover the following day, while only 3% of participants, who had the same amount of vodka, woke up with dizziness!
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Don`t mix drinks

Don`t mix different types of alcohol drinks, especially:

  • wine and hard drinks;
  • dry wines and port;
  • hard drinks and beer;
  • white and red wines.


All alcoholic beverages, which are the result of yeast fermentation (beer and any, even the noblest wine) contain fusel contaminants and various alcohols. The combination of these contaminants gives unique flavor to wine. But these same contaminants markedly weaken the protective properties of the gastric mucosa, especially in combination with strong drinks. So try to never mix different types of drinks. If you still want to mix, then you should gradually increase the degree – first beer, then vodka.


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Take vitamins


From medical point of view, the more you drink, the more nutrients your body needs to replenish the resources of the liver. In addition, alcohol destroys vitamin B. As a result, somatic cells are deprived of nutrients, and that leads to a severe hangover. Doctors advise to replenish the balance of vitamins in the body, taking the B complexes, B6 or B12, as well as various supplements.

In pubs of England and Scotland this prevention has become the norm — they add vitamins B1 and B6 in whisky and beer – 50 ml in a bottle of whisky and 10 ml in a bottle of beer. You can take the same measures, keeping proportion.

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Proven protection from severe drunkenness and hangover




These snacks, eaten even in small amounts before you go to the club, will protect the mucous membranes of your stomach and intestines, and help to avoid a hangover in the morning:

  • Sheep cheese with meat pate: 100 gr of cheese, 70 gr of butter, 10 gr of sour cream, 1 tube of meat paste. Thoroughly mix the components and spread on bread;
  • Cream that protects the stomach: Take 200-250 g of fatty cheese, mix it thoroughly with the oil from canned sardines and spread on bread. This dish thoroughly prepares our stomach to consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • Eat suet before going out. This is a proven and reliable “armor” against drunkenness;
  • Tea. Before you go to visit your friends, and in order not to get drunk, you should drink a glass of good green or black tea with mint. After arriving home repeat it again. Drunkenness will pass soon;
  • Black coffee. Before the banquet enjoy good infused black coffee with lemon juice or a slice of lemon. After the banquet repeat the procedure. Drunkenness will pass quickly;
  • Oil. Before the banquet drink a spoon of oil. Oil, dissolved in the stomach, does not allow alcohol mix with the gastric juice and absorb into the bloodstream, slowing down the effect of intoxication;
  • Activated carbon takes up alcohol and prevents its absorption. Take 2-4 pills 10-15 minutes before the first drink. Then take 2 pills every hour;
  • Drink a glass of milk before drinking alcohol, and there will be no hangover or headache.
  • Buckwheat, oat, semolina can be very helpful. Eat one of these porridges half an hour or an hour before booze – and you will avoid strong intoxication and hangover;
  • Cactus extract has a significant influence on three signs of hangover – sickness, dry mouth and loss of appetite.




Use these tips and you won`t mumble “…why…?” waking up after crazy night!


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